Can Anyone Help Me with poem

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hope this is right rhymes with thread title big grin

alright i have to do a poem about making a positive difference for Ethics class and can you guyz help me out a little bit...the poem doesn't have to be too long... thanks big grin

"Don't be an ass!
Im doing this for ethics class!"

messed i dunno.

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uh...whats it about again? blink

LOL sad smile

i really dont know how to do a poem about making a positive wont sound right lol

Start it off with "be good to one another"... rofl, my principal says it everyday on the intercom, it's like a school joke to say that to mock him.


be good to others, or get locked up like an otter
be good to others or get knocked out like michael jacksons brothers
be good to others or get shot in the face by a mafia father

i dont know!!!

messed i cant think nooooo!!! im normally good at this stuff....


the world is in shame,
poverty and war, is this our fate?
theres no one to blame,
but our selfish hate. sucks it sucks...noooo messed

AHHH!!! messed

Be good to one another,
we should all be brothers.
If you wanted it any other,
then youre a mother fuc*er! stick out tongue


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lmao...did i just write that? laughing

dammit i dont think this will work LOL laughing out loud

morality is not concrete, but i will remain undefeat,
sometimes life is misunderstood and result in suicide, but i dont underrate life and keep my decisons right

im turning it into rap!
lol well its kinda same thing but its HARD!

laughing out loud thats bad...god, id never be able to pull that off. try a cheer.

E is for ...something
T is for tranquility.
H is for...something.
I is for...something.
C is for calm.


HockeyHorror not gay man
lol laughing out loud

cmon guyz! i know most of you are like future poets...

Morality is not stupidity, its is responsibility, which leads to people with personal duality, making the right decioins is never a wroing decision, life is short so always have a happy face or end up looking like a molested boy on jacksons case


lol dammit i runined it again!

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uh...i made one up last year about nylon string taking over the world:

the year was 2083,
the people of the world were happy and free,
world domination was round the bend,
the worlds happy life was soon to end

white nylon string was on the brink
they held meetings in old fashioned sinks
they planned to attack people like you
but what was to come, no one knew

destroying all in a path behind
in forseeing their destruction world leaders were blind
the string was attacking all in its wake
this was not good for our futures sake

in just three years
the world was in tears
we have now met this strange fate
and sadely enough there is no escape

nylon string has come along way
from when they flew in the air on sunny kite day
they now hold power and have no way of defeat
so the world now grovels at strings feet

laughing out loud what on earth does that have do with ethics? roll eyes (sarcastic)

i dont know

nice try sad big grin


nylon string thumb up yes

§pearhead bout...

Be nice.
Thats whats cool.
If you're mean,
you look like a fool.

laughing out loud

laughing out loud

its all about nice
its all about kind
if your not
ill charge you a fine

more please ill compile these and make someting really stupid big grin lol

laughing out loud this might take awhile

o yes it will take a while lol ill just keep thinkin of some things

The only immorality is not to do what one has to do when one has to do it, one who does absolutly nothing will lose fate, one will become another cell in society, a host cell of a virus' bate

OMG now im chaning it to biology


Confucious said never to think of evil. make the right decicions and be civil, dont make decions with a hunch, you'll end up with dillemas and a bunch, it is your choice to do what you please, but remember the right decision is never a permanent disease, it may be difficult to understand, but better grasp the concept now or end up with a F on the Ethics final exam


comments please more help! big grin

I'll give it a whirl bud....

To see the world with rules so plain,

yet darkness hunts till truth is slain.

The choice over wrong or right,

that haunts my dreams in shadow night.

To follow paths of hearts so true,

Is what inside I knew to do.

Morality whispers hopes and dreams,

Society shelters their cries and screams.

Yet into the darkness I will seek,

the hope that lifts and heals the weak.

For free is where I long to be,

And love is what I need to see.


is it alright if i combine mine with yours a bit?

blah keep hitting quote instead of edit sad

woops quoted the wrong one...had to edit.

sure bud do what you like with it.

alright thanks

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