Any one see this movie? Blond villainess plays human-hunting game

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Dear friends,

I need your help in identifying a movie which I saw a couple of years ago. I guess the movie was shot between 1960 and 1990. And I can only recall a limited part of the plots.

The movie involves a secret agent investigating a castle-like fortress and rescuing a lady in a long white dress.

Here is one of the distinquishing episodes of the movie. Near the final part, the secret agent was tied up and dragged by a blond villainess riding a horse. The villainess was in a black hunting outfit, holding a baby eagle, and followed by five or six henchmen, including an archer, a stone/exposive thrower, a dwarf, etc. The villainess forced the secret agent to play as the target in her human-hunting game. She released him in a valley and had her henchmen try to capture and kill him. The secret agent had to survie the game and return to the castle before sunrise. The agent managed to kill all the henchmen except for the dwarf. Finally, the agent encountered the villainess herself. First,the villainess attacked him with her baby eagle, which made the man drop in a river. Then, the villainess herself, standing on a cliff, undressed her hunting outfit and dived into the water to chase and attack the man. She tried to kill the man with her dagger, but the man slapped her and knocked her out in the water. She was then drowned to death. The man returned to the castle and rescued the good girl in white.

I recall the movie in somewhere mentioned the sultan of Osman Turkey was torturing a bunch of prisoners or something. The movie also had a bad guy in black. I am not sure if he was the sultan.

I hope some of you, my friends, could identify this movie for me. I would really appreciate it.

Thanks in advance!

Thanks for narrowing it down a little. wink

Anyways, you sound like you know everything about the movie except the name. Someone should know it, especially since I don't think there are too many films out there with baby eagles attacking people.

It might be "The Thief of Baghdad" (1961), starring Steve Reeves.

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