Galaxy Quest

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What do you think of the movie Galaxy Quest and who's your favorite character?

I thought the movie was hilarious! Alan Rickman was great! laughing out loud My other favorite characters are Guy and Fred. big grin I love Sarris too. Gotta love the bad guys. evil face

mc pee pants
i thought it was funnay. definitely had its moments.

Alan Rickman and Tony Shalhoub by far my faves! smile

Mr Zero
About time for Galaxy Quest the Next Generation I think...I'd like to see this movie get a sequel...

Yeah, me too. *nods*

They even set it up for a sequel at the end, with the "opening credits" for the new TV spinoff. It wasn't "The Next Generation", but "The New Crew" or something.

I have to wonder how much more money Sam Rockwell would want, though, since he's become a bit more well-known since 1999. Maybe they could kill him off in the first ten minutes; he was the red-shirted ensign, after all.

I watched "Scooby-Doo 2" the other night for the first time, and, while I was mostly disappointed, I did enjoy some of the references to the old TV show. Likewise, "Galaxy Quest 2" would have to avoid some of those pitfalls by trying to come up with some fresh gags that mocked "Star Trek" chestnuts, not just re-hashing the same ones from the first movie. Remember "A Very Brady Sequel"? I thought they handled it expertly; in fact, I thought it was better than the original.

But I digress. The sequel could begin with the actors still on top, and their lives being interrupted by another distress call from the octopus-alien people. The brother of the villian they killed (or another evil alien race altogether--it doesn't really matter) is planning an invasion of Earth. Despite everyone's best efforts, the aliens show up and prepare to enslave humanity.

The "Galaxy Quest" fans, led by the actors and that kid from the first one, organize an army of space fighters consisting of all the nerds who play real-time fighting games. The good aliens use their technology to build fighter ships and soldier robots, each controlled from the computer of an individual nerd. After a thrilling battle, the enemy is vanquished, and the computer nerds, heretofore reviled as weaklings, are now seen as heroes (until one of them can't get the lid off of a jar of pickles).

i think its rather kewl .. tho i have only watched it the once...

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