Independance Day

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Settle an argument: Independence Day (the film). Is it cheese or heartwarming?

this should be in the movies section...

Nah, its an OT for the regulars ... they'll understand ;-)

Tari Ringeril
Cheese Cheese!

Vote then!

mc pee pants
it's so cheesy, it shoulda came in a blue box.

i like it cheesy though.alien3

Royal Knight
Wrong forum

Its an OT thing between two people that live in here smile

I loved it, personally. It was uplifting ina cheesy way, sure, but when Russell took his craft up through the mothership's laser beam and spoke those infamous lines, "Hello, boys! I'm BAAAACK!"..I cried.

..and hot damn do the explosions sound good on a home theatre. eek!

Roland Emmerich was HIGHLY inspired by H.G. Wells' cinematic version of "War of the Worlds". I recommend it to everyone.

It's entertaining, but it's undeniably cheesy to the max.

*Smack* "welcome to earth" *smokes a cigar*. Ugh, cheese....

but that BILL PULLMAN'S speech is the cheesiest thing EVER IN A MOVIE......... it was actually even ranked no.1 in cheesiest moments in movie history

indeed ,... wrong place

Red Superfly
It's a special type of Will Smith cheese.

It's mild cheese, in that you know it's cheese, but it's Will Smith, so you just accept it.

"Now that's what I'm talkin about"

"Oh hell no"

Typical light-hearted Will Smith cheese. It's light, like Dairylea.

big gay kirk
First (and only) time I saw it, I thought it was a poorly made comedy... the funniest bit was when the president's wife died... the whole cinema was in hysterics!!

Dario Argento
It is boring

Absouletly Lame-O! So crappy is not even cheesy. Back then this movie was soooo over rated. After watching I,Robot I can finally say that Will Smith is just a crappy actor. For me he will be better known as the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air rather than some action movie star. thumb down

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