Britney Spears Reportedly Marries in California

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LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Ooops! Pop star Britney Spears (news) did it again and got married for the second time this year -- this time to dancer Kevin Federline in a private ceremony in Studio City, California, "Access Hollywood" reported on Sunday.

Spears, 22, and Federline, 26, surprised their parents with the unexpected ceremony, which took place in a private residence, according to a publicist for the syndicated entertainment news program.

On Jan. 2 year Spears married high school sweetheart Jason Alexander (news) in an impromptu ceremony in Las Vegas. But the ill-fated marriage was annulled on Jan. 5.

Spears and Federline announced their engagement in June. Federline has two children with former girlfriend Shar Jackson.


no expression

messed well, she does everything to get a bit of attention, maybe this time its just like the first marrying messed

I'm so sick of her, why won't she die? roll eyes (sarcastic)

Its Britney Spears

Whadya expect

i dont really care ... ( mayb now shes done it she'll go in to hiding)

she should have lasted this long no expression

and she's getting even more attention with this thread no expression

no expression oops

to her this is the wrong type of attention ... we're slagging her off she wants praise....

Captain REX
Again... *yawn*

I'm with Rexy on this one!

Britney needs to take it up the ass. Right now.

And several other places.

mc pee pants
who thinks she should wake up looking like this tomorrow?

pff who cares about her, she sucks

mc pee pants
well, as you can see, she does more than just suck.

Only God knows. sad

britney spears gives a bad name to women

Neo_Version 7
She is hotness

I h8 her...she annoys the shit out of me

If that makes her happy....more power to her.

She misled the press, saying the wedding would be mid-November. I guess she wanted the marriage to be low-key so that's why it came as a total surprise. Congrats to her, although I don't really approve of her taste in men.

apparetly she isnt married i just been on the mtv website and they say its a fraud .. (another one )

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