I really need advice

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i went out with my ex girlfriend like last year, then we broke up, and i started liking her best friend, and i still do, then i found out just recently that my ex girlfriends best friend likes me too, but i also heard just recently too that my ex girlfriend still has feelings for me....

us three all know who we like, because i told my ex girl friend i like her best friend and she told me she still has feelings for me, and i told my ex girlfriends best friend i like her and her response was that she likes me too, and my ex girlfriend knows that her best friend likes me and my ex girlfriends best friend knows my exgirl friend still likes me too......

now.......i want to ask out my ex girlfriends best friend but i hardly doubt she'll go out with me because shes the best friend of my ex girlfriend and her best friend used to go out with me..........what the hell should i do

i hope this was clear, should i just include names?

Personally this sounds like its going to end up bad, but you can try if you want.

MC Mike
Was clear for me, but can't help ya. erm

I understand it...but I dunno, I don't see what's wrong with going out with her confused

ok i think this is alot easier

Jackie - ex
Allison - best friend

me and jackie went out and then broke up, i like allison, allison likes me, jackie still has feelings for me

allison will probably not go out with me because there best friends and jackie still likes me

we all told eachother who we like.....

I can see it breaking up their two girls friendship, or maybe fights happing a lot. It just sounds like its going to be a lot of stress for all three of you.

allison is her best friend, and jackie still has feelings for me......

yeah thats what i have been thinking this whole time

right, I know what you think...but personally, I think you're thinking too much

do what you want, it seems like you're mind's set

Hope you find a good answer

without reading the thread, heres my advise:

dont waste time on making advice threads, and look both ways before crossing the street

Your ex prob want6's you to be happy so give it a try

mc pee pants
not gonna werk out... unless jackie told you this so you won't take her best friend out, or she knew that allison would say no knowing that she still "has feelings for you."

Ok if my bestie can go out with a guy dump him 2 months l8er & go out with his best friend all in the same day then 3 days l8er dump him & go back out with her ex........i dont c y u cant

yea if they really didnt change their attitude towards eachother when you guys told eachother who likes who then i doubt that much more will occur if you actually go out, just ask her out, its not unexpected, just see what happens

thanks people, highly appreciated smile

eh no prob

mc pee pants
and yet another evidence that girls are, indeed, evil.

guys LOOOOOOVE evil droolio except those ones that snatches our balls...



Raven Guardia
well, becareful....this is a touchy subject. I know if a guy I really cared about ever broke with me and liked my best friend and they liked him I would be sad and maybe a bit Jealous. I would want them to be happy, but still there would be a bit of jealously and seeing my friend and my ex together would make me feel betrayed, because she would know how much I would like him but yet its not fair for her to be unhappy either. I think you three should all sit down, and talk this out. be HONEST! ...Truth is the only safe ground to stand upon. dont make lies or say things to avoid hurt feelings because no matter someone will get hurt, and it will hurt less if you tell the truth. because if you would say a little lie just not to hurt one of them or if they say it to you it will only make things wrose. so you all should try to be very honest with each other when talking this out. maybe you could even hook your ex up with one of your single friends.

easy simple solution:

go out with both of them thumbup

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