What do you look for?

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I thought this would be interesting.You could learnd something about your fellow friends here. smile

What do you look for in a person, wheter its dating or for friendship.... please specify.

Sun Ce
someone who treats u with respect all the time, and never says stuff behind your back, someone who is caring and someone u can say to there face "your the bestest friend in the world", i yet have to find thsi person tho happy

ummmmmmm ....... nothing really its just a click no expression i either love having them around or hate it

awwwwwwwwww..... thats soooooo sad.

I'm a romantic person.
Long walk on the beach sorta thang......
and I like the bity thing whistle
but yea,
for a friend or a b/f I want some one loyal who can put up wit my random ness and hyperactivity.... and the horny thing..... they gotta be ok w/ and just as bad.

i had a bonfire on a beach in washington once no expression it was very romantic no expression and it they piss you off just throw them in the fire big grin

its all good

thats great. I live in the middle of a swamp....

they'll never find the bodies!
*Evil cackle*

i live a block away from the ghetto no expression

Sun Ce
i live at the beach, and at night when i take the dog out, i watch the sunset, its quite nice happy

*drooooooools* I love that sorta thang.

Sun Ce
me too, i got a pic here of what i saw once, i took a pic with the webcam happy

very nice... take me w/ you!!!!

Royal Knight
I wish I lived next to a beach...

living in the desert is so boring..

what i look for in a friend is honesty, caring, respectful, not full of themselves, and not homophobic.

good choice.
so many ppl are gay or bi... me included.

Sun Ce
would love too if u lived closer happy

happy you can live with me sweetie...im like a 5 minute drive to the beach .

Royal Knight
Soon I will be living next to a lake...

which has a beach...guess I can include thatlaughing out loud

yay.... skinny dipping!!!!!

JK.... maybe wink

Sun Ce
droolio stick out tongue

hmmm i look for all their teeth all their limbs and a heart beat

that about sums it up

yah here that i summed something up eek!

Looks for friendship, someone to be nice to me. Listen, and respect me. Also I do the same for them. I look for some common interest to, but that's not a must. Someone I have fun talking to.

I think thats everything.

some 1 who is easy to talk to, not hypocritical, not too stuburn, funny, nice, same age perferably, and female

Money. the chick has to have loads and loads of money so she can treat me well wink

oh gosh monkey nipples u just descibed ur sister! lol

Corran.. your a gold digger huh?

laughing out loud

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