Tarantino Links To Tarantino Flics

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Darth Sauron
Quentin linking things from his films together, say he will use the same phrase, or a same name, something like that

Anybody got any of these?

I know there are a load of them, i could only find one

Between Pulp Fiction and Jackie Brown

Pulp Fiction, the guy who robs the resteraunt shoults 'Garcon' and the waitress tells him it means 'boy'

In Jackie Brown, Jackie and the bail bondit are At a lunch and the bail bondit shouts 'Garcon' and Jackie says 'Garcom means boy'


The boots the Bride wears when she's burried alive are almost the same as Mr.Blond wears in RD (except those are black and the Bride's are red)

Both have got a knife in there as well

I'm sure there was another thread on this subject, but I can't find it. Oh well.

I watched "True Romance" again today, and Clarence tells Dick that he and Alabama are going to hop on a plane "and spend the rest of our lives spendin'!" Ordell says this to Louis in "Jackie Brown".

buck came2 f**k
In RD when nice guy it talking to his father he tells him about a crime boss called Marcelluis just can't remember da surname doing a stretch.

Mr blonde parole officer is Koons and General Koons gives Butch the watch.

Mr bl;ondes name in RD is Vic Venga while JT name in Pulp is Vincent Vega. QT was planning to make a movie with John T and Michael Madsen called Vega brothers set before RD and PF because they bth die.

The sheriff the brides spits on is the same actor and plays the same character in Dusk till Dawn.

Mr Pink is the waiter at JackRabbit Slims and Vincent says his Sh*t and doesn't tip him. While in RD he doesn't believing in tipping. Ps he could be hiding from the ploice if he wasn't caught.

Mr Zero
I was just wondering if you QT forum regulars done a connections thread before now.

Alabama (from True Romance) gets a namecheck in Dogs from Mr. White.

As to the above - The Vega brothers from RD and PF might not be the (dead) ones in the (possible) Vega bros movie - Travolta and Madsen might play the brothers of each others characters.

And I doubt that Mr Pink is the Buddy Holly waiter in PF. It is Steve Bucemi, but saying it's Mr Pink is misleading. thats like saying Mr White is also the Wolf.

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