was wondering about vernita

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so i was watching kill bill last night and i was wondering how was vernita able to keep a gun in a cereal boxs without her husband knowing it(or was she really married) and her daughter in the house. and how was vernita relationship with b. kiddo considering the things they said like the coffee and how they use to hang back then

I think she was really married; we just never see her husband, because Quentin has some serious father issues. In fact, I watched "True Romance" again today, and it's brought up there as well (father/son relationships, not Vernita Green).

Anyway Vernita went in a back room to get the cereal. She might have snuck the gun from a hiding place or lockbox into the cereal box while she was back there. Of course, why not just come into the kitchen a-shootin'? Who knows? Maybe she just wanted to be dramatic about it.

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by da way how could she miss from such a close range. if it was that kim from the hotel in Vol2 she would have given her a facial reconstruction. she's a surgeon from that range

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maybe it was a "special box" of cereal.

Maybe the husband knows about the gun and its in the daughter's least favorite cereal so she wouldn't check there.

oh ok

I've wondered about this too. Apparently, she can't shoot very well, but she specializes in knives, so why wouldn't she just toss one of the knives she was standing near?

I don't know if she would have had time to transfer guns from hiding places and so forth, but it seems natural, after all, her husband might know about her past, or maybe it was just a security measure, after all, people do own guns for safety..... and her child seemed pretty obedient, perhaps she isn't a problem, doesn't go snooping about....

Yeah, At close range it was a terrible shot. She said she was specialised in knives, Yet she didnt grab one from the open drawer, which we have a close up of. Ironic gesture? She kills her with her favourite weapon.

I wondered, Or Is this just me, why shes having cereal after school? Strange.

Must be less common in the UK, but parents often fix their kids after-school snacks, and cereal isn't unheard of to suit this purpose.

As to why Vernita resorted to a gun, I think it's because she knew her abilities had suffered as a result of her retirement, and she wanted to "cheat" and end it quickly, for the sake of her family.

Ever heard of secret prizes in cereal boxes? Well, Ka-Boom comes with a free handgun. stick out tongue

As Basil Brush would say: "BOOM BOOM"

that's exactly what I was thinking big grin

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