A law agaisn't rated "M" video games.

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Is for California mostly check it out:


So I guess this means that if I sell my games to a minor, and one of them is rated "M" I'm breaking the law. That sucks!

Why do these people have agaisn't video games?

That's utter bullshit... videogames aren't "harmful to children"... they're video games. If a six year old shouldn't play GTA, then by all means, don't let them. But even 14 year olds are probably mature enough to play rated M games, as long as they know the difference between reality or not. The parents should monitor what their children are doing. If their kids get the games and the parents don't know about it, the government shouldn't have to play "parents" to the nation.. erm

Go figure, another bad move by Arnold. May everyone who voted for him burn in hell.


Kinda ironic that Arnold character The Terminator has it's own Video Game history of violence.

wow california is stupid
it is the choice of the person playing the games if he wants a rated m game(or some stupid overprotective parents)
most rated m games arent even that bad.

this crap happens because of thos dip$**** that see people shoot each other in cartoons and live so they try it in real life

doesn't sound all that bad confused

It isn't all that bad Spear, but then think about it. If those ppl manage to get this far by getting this law passed. What do you think they'll try to do next? Maybe they will try to Banned a certain Video Game because is too violent or bloody? Is not such a big deal right now, but as video games become more graphic detail, these ppl will try to make a BIG deal out of games in the future. So I'm looking in a long term perspective.

as am I--long term perspective, the Governator won't be governing for all that much longer, and someone will put this law straight messed things can be changed, after all

Thank god i dont live in cali wink

arnold made that law? lol.. thats pathetic

Man i hate Arnold as much as the rest of you Californians. ohh no wait he repealed the increase in the car tax so i HAVE money to buy video games ANd he is not a retard like Gray Davis....and this gaming law dosint affect me at all...guess i like him


That's why we are the "Golden State". California here I come....

This is like saying that we cant have our freedom. I mean, if we want to play an M rated game, and we're a minor, then what the fu.ck??? We should be able to, it's not like we're training to take out America. People need to learn (people like soccer moms) that if they don't like something, it's THEIR opinion, so it really doesn't matter. People aren't gonna conform just so they can make the world a "peaceful" place, video games AREN'T the problem, THEY are! Am I right?? Just suck it up (like the rest of us normal, non-special people, unlike you who's got to have the world YOUR way) and get on with your life!!! Get used to it, because it's never gonna change, no matter how much you want it to... that's just how it is, and I've dragged my point. You get it.

who cares?

It's just like in the movies, if you're not old enough to see a rated R movie...then you can't get in.

There are always loop holes. Your parents could get it for you, you can always rent it at some small place that doesn't keep track of such things.

They didn't have laws like this when I was young enough for the law to affect me because video games were for kids in my day. Now they are EXTREMELY more adult, their content is more graphic, and the violence is much much more realistic.

Just like everything illegal in the United States. If you want something bad enough....it isn't that hard to find.

link is right, while i dont agree with the law i bleieve that m rated games should be kept as far from kids as possible, its a little thing i like to call "common sense". games like gta and doom should be kept as far from young eyes as posible, that said, segregating games into an adult section is a bit ott imo

Movies I kinda understand, but I mean come on! A video game? I'm pretty sure any 10 year old knows the difference between a pixel character and a real human being. Censorship sucks period!

Yah it sucks, but it's part of life. There are ways of dealing with it, if it's that big of a problem.

This atleast leaves the development of a child's psyche to their parents, and not to the children themselves.

How many of you who are against this law actually have your own children who are between the ages of 8-14?

I don't. But if I did I would not put blame on video games and retailers. It would be my responsobility as a parent to monitor what my children are watching/playing.

I have no problem with retailers not selling M rated games to children. This has been going on for quite some time, and it should be going on. But they should not force M rated games to be in a completely different area "not unlike pornography" just because they're M rated. That is going to hurt the video game indunstry and is an obvious attempt at stopping violent and M rated video games. And mark my words, more "laws" will come, and it will continue to hurt the video game industry.

can't argue against that. Sound statement BF.

BOOOO! Link gives up too easily! stick out tongue jerry

Movies has it.
Whats the difference if videogames has it?

I dont think its going to stop M rated games. M rated game are now the biggest sellers in the industry. Developers are not going to stop making them, so why worried. The law only stops some 10 year old kid from buying a M rated game. And some m rated games are not very good for a 10 year old kid.

Films have a similiar thing. ANd you still see R rated movies still. So that didnt go away.

Royal Knight
they have that law here too

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