Your own Death List Five

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In which order would you organized the Death List Five?

Here is the Bride's list:

1. O-Ren Ishii
2. Vernita Green
3. Budd
4. Elle Drive
5. Bill

Here is mine:

1. Budd
2. Elle Drive
3. Vernita Green
4. O-Ren Ishii
5. Bill

How would you organized it?

Here is mine
1. Elle Drive
2. Vernita Green
3. O-Ren Ishii
4. Budd
5. Bill

1. That kid who pushed me down on the playground in 4th grade.
2. The lady who shortchanged me at the laundromat yesterday.
3. My ex-roommate who kept his toenail clippers in the silverware drawer.
4. My ex-roommate who held a yard sale while I was gone one weekend, in which he sold all of my stuff and took off for Florida.
5. Urkel.

1.tony blair
2.the peguins how are spying on me
3.the ****er how stole my boy
mad mad mad

We have notified MI 5 of your threat against the PM, and the authorities are on their way.

Actually, do you all even have that law? I know we can't even say something like that as a joke.

1. George W. Bush (I know the law, and I care not. I still challenge W to a duel)
2. An Olsen Twin (that's right, only 1)
3. Usher
4. The other Olsen twin (by the time we fought, she may have actually gained some weight
5. Ariel Sharon (In my opinion, this guy is the most dangerous man on Earth and he should be killed.)

Captain America
1. Jay
2. Josh
3. Poncho Kid
4. Alex
5. Ashlie


Assassin Q
1. Bill
Hey! He was such an ass to Beatrix!
2. J.K. Rowling She just annoys me sorry
3. Nikki M.
She's this stupid person at school that I hate
4. George W. Bush
Sorry again , I just dont like him.
5. Myself.
I wouldn't really but if I did really murder these people I would
probably have to kill myself to get out of punnishment. They're probably kill me anyway XD

1. Ann Coulter (arbitrary propagandist *****)
2. Rush Limbaugh (pretentious blowhard)
3. Bush (if you need an explanation you're #6)
4. Howard Stern (offensive loudmouth)
5. Michael Eisner (cultureless swine)

1. George W. Bush
2 John Howard
3. Simple Plan
4. Ashlee Simpson
5. Reece Sutherland

Death Incarnate
Nah I think that the original death list 5 was perfect because each person she killed got her closer to finding bill!

Yeah, but imagine killing the olsen twins, hilary duff, lindsay lohan, and britney spears?
that would be sweet

yea here is my 5 though i would never kill anyone these are just people that urk me some more than others

1 Rush Limbag (coudn't agree with soth more)
2Mike Moore ( hes about the same as rush only hes on the other side of the tracks)
3yasser arafat (that would be the easiest since he is already dead)
4micheal jackson (if hes guilty i will let him have his trial though)
5Osama Bin Laden (who esle for number five coming from an american)

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