kill bill 2

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kill bill 2 was awesome. i really like the part where she breaks out of the cofin. that was cool.

what part do you like most? Happy Dance

Uh... yes. embarrasment

My fav bit is when Beatrix and Elle go at it, right until she pulls out Elle's eye. At first you feel sorry for her but then you remember what a bit** she is.

THe 2nd one was a lot better than a 1st, at omho.

and that part with gettting out of the coffing was just amazing eek!

I like the last part of the movie, when Beatrix in the yard with Bill and she says "You over reacted!!!" and then they talk some more and she kills him with the help of the five hits or the five point palm-exploding heart technique.

yeah, that was great to yes

i remember i've been counting how many steps is he doing before death laughing out loud

Me too eek!
And the he falls, that was sad, but at least the Bride got her revenge

i was rather satified when he fell dev

i luv the part where batrix is in the coffin, and when she's traiinign with thatt bloody old man laughing out loud

KB1 is fun

KB2 is good movie IMO

Best bit probably the dialogue between Bill and Bea at the chapel,
and everything from the Elle and I chapter on. Oh, yeah, and Budd's boss, and the encounter between Budd and Bea. Not to forget Pei Mei.

Hell the movie rocked

Kill Bill 2 should have never existed. Like it has been mentioned before, he put back in 40 minutes that was originally edited out for being LAME in the first place. The only good thing about the movie was Gordon Liu's rendition of the priest Pai Mei who was a ripped off character in the first place. Quentin Tarantino just wanted more $$$ from unsuspecting fans which, I suspect, is exactly why he started the whole Kill Bill fiasco in the first place - to ride the wave of Asian cinema coolness that has been sweeping the nation. He is an unoriginal pretentious dumbass that needs to have his ass kicked once or twice so that his head will deflate a little.

actually the movie was too long so he had to cut it in half....

I love the part where it cuts to Elle driving in her super cool car on her way to Budds, and she is driving along the road and suddenly turns off the road onto the back roads. All while The Chase, piece of music is playing. Perfect!

is kill bill part 2 better than part 1

I have to say, the Pei Mai was the cheesiest character I've seen in a film in a long time.

Pei Mai was a cheesy mofo

Pei Mei was the shit

kill bill 1 is a great movie, kill bill 2 is a disapointing waste of my time.

^ yes

Kill Bill 1 and Kill Bill 2 was the stupidest crap I ever saw. NO story, no point, only killing.
That's why I can't stop watching! laughing out loud

i don't really like the kill bill movies, i thought they were really boring....

I cried twice at Kill Bill 2. First when Beatrix sees B.B. and she starts crying and B.B. is all "i've been dreaming of you." Second when Bill dies and she's sad because even though he deserved it, they loved each other.

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I don't know exactly why, but for some reason I can't even sit through the part where Bea takes Elle's eye. I knew they fought in this movie and wanted to see that, but the eye thing is just so sadistic that I hate it. I must admit I kind of like ol' Elle Driver, bad as she is, and that's probably some of it, but the whole part where she's screaming and crashing around in pain and fear and rage and frustration, it was to much for me! Elle is a king sized *****, no doubt, but what Bea did to her was low, like on par with Elle asking if Bea missed her baby would have been, and even she doesn't stoop that low.

No she doesnt go that low, she just killed Pai Mei. Hell, if insulting him costs you an eye, I think losing an eye for killing him is most mercifull.

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Well said.

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Well, I think you're right in a relative sort of way... That equation makes sense. But Pei Mai kind of bought that. I mean, even in the real world, we all know that if someone was to do something to us and then we responded by doing something MUCH, MUCH worse to them (Like maiming them, for example...) then if that person ever had the way and means they will use it. When you posses such great power you have to wield it with some conscience. I think Pei Mei was pretty indiscriminate with the use of his awesome skills because he thought that neither Bea or Elle could ever do anything to him, (and for the most part, he was right!) but I guess they had some interesting plants growing in China, and Elle found a way to kick his fish heads "up a notch".

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ya i really liked to part where uma breaks out of the coffin and scales the crumbling dirt, the music thatr goes with it is awesome! does anyone know the name of the song that is played when Beatrix is wandering in the dessert? I really like it!

kill bill 2 was waaaaaaaay better than vol1 . it was more "tarantinoesque" and prolly hte coolest part was when bil talked about the super heroes, and then the music was perfect when he collapsed and died. both were good but the first was just too over the top to be considered and amazing movie... i dont know..

and for the songs, theyre from ENNIO MORRICONE he did all the music for the sergio leone movies.... dont know what the particular song was called though

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