Brainwashed & Evil

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Brainwashed & Evil
By: Me

Days of blue sky and yellow sun
Days of friends so the summer nights would never end
Days of you and me before we met them
They were cold
They were evil
They would tear us away in the years to come
Highschool as a freshman felt so cool
We hung out day by day with are new friends
Not knowing we would end because of them
Days of joy and laughter filled are heads
By sophmore year we were crumbling
Yet we did not know
We couldn't see through there evil eyes just yet
Peter left you hanging with one kiss good bye
You thought they were comforting you
They were filling you with there evil
The friendship with me and Steven faded so far
They were trying to fill me with there evil
It didn't work
It will never f***ing work
Jouiner year is finally here
My life was back to normal
I saved myself from there evil just in time
But I never thought of saving you
Not till it was far to late
Started dating the wrong guy
One who was brainwashed in there evilness
Now for this
Your to deep down to save
You were brainwashed just like the others
You and me will never be the same
Never will we tell are darkest, deepest secrets to eachother
Never will we go trash the movies on friday nights
Never will we experiance growing up together
I'll remember the good
Like the time we got Peter to talk to you
I'll remember the funny
Like the time when your mom found the condoms we bought and thought we were doing s**t
I'll remember the bad
Like the time you said you don't desreve to be alive
Hell I'll remember it all
Now I sit here looking at a picture of you and me
With my blue eyes filled with tears
While listning to our favorite song
The song we used to dance to
Why didn't I see it before
Why didn't I see them taking over your mind
Why couldn't I save you
This I'll never forgive myself for

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Mr Zero
"Jouiner year is finally here."


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