greatest talent?

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so what's your greatest talent?

mine is writing

Happy Dance Happy Dance Happy Dance

I have no idea. maybe writing or singing or acting. does reading count? cos i read lots...

i suppose my greatest talent would be that im a fast learner. I could sit down and write out the whole script of pulp fiction (or maybee i just watch it too much heh), and im good at 3D modelling and animation.

Building computers, been doin it ages and once did 3 in 1 night (7 cups of coffee was required) yes yes

I'm good at making stories...

raven guardia
mine would probably be in the 'arts' I'm a good writer and drawer. and my mom says I should act because I'm melodramatic.

Being myself. laughing

Twin B!tch 1
Erm, netball and art big grin

total nettlehead

I can beat Super Mario 3 in 11 minutes!

Stupidity! It takes a great deal of raw talent to behave as stupid as me...

raven guardia
^^^ lol

Sir Bob III
acting writing singing/screaming playing guitar

I'm good at sprinting and avoiding confict (unless I want conflict which happens too).

steely balls
Improve and acting, their almost the same thing. I have great respect for people who do these things because i know how hard it is specifically improve.

Lord Soth
The ablilty to ramble nonsense for hours upon end

Seriously, though, I can write really well (I do poetry)

talent? me? maybe juggling or card tricks or video games i dunno i just do stuff that's stupid to most people oh i know makin my sister look like a moron

Being me, no one does it like I do raver

My greatest talent is either my ability to be confused by pathetically or simple things or my wonderful talent in hockey. roll eyes (sarcastic) well, im good at it anyways happy

Sir Bob III
no your greatist talent is smiling cuz you do it so well

you gotta be kiddin mejawdrop

erm I hardly think that counts as a talent...

oh yes it does

Ok, talent maybe, but not a useful one stick out tongue

Sir Bob III

i dont smile mmmmuch either

have you ever played it? its very useful i mean if your doing a resume for being a game tester that can really come in handy

Yea I've played it...confused though you don't get much money as a game tester no

but its a very very fun job yes

that it would be smile

I can sound like my dad on the phone,it's very useful shifty

digesting organisms and analyzing them big grin

talent? hmmm king of fighters, buring things, drawing, and electric gitar...but...i dont like to play it yet im good lol laughing

bull crap... i saw that video and it is actually fake. the game play was slowedc down when that guy did it, so one it was slower and easier to play and two the guy could have pause the game at anymoment and pratice a bit then hit it up again, meaning he spent more then 11 mins making that ...

as for my talent goes i guess you could say im pretty creative with a camera. im not talking the snap shots but filming... which in turn is my true love. love

and another one that all my brothers and i process is video games, fighting games in general. i can pick up a controller to play a game i never played before and tear apart i guy who has been playing the game for years.all it takes is 5 to 8 matches for me to learn how to play. then after those first handful of losses your ass is mine.

amlap...its real man...but he didn't actually beat the game...he used the damn secret shits.

my friend could also beat it with the secrets in one hour. lol but that guy must have played for YEARS.

well there is alot of tlak bout it being real or not... and if it is real than it has to be either a little japanesse boy or engineer of the game.

gr1ffin grl
i can climb rocks fast without gettin hurt. i climbed in red rock canyon once and went higher than 2x my house lengt

Lord Soth
I also have a talent ot confuse someone in 3 minutes or less

i slayed buffy
um im good at cycling, p.e., flirting lol, um shopping and most ov all SMILING!!!big grin

alright i'm good at these things and this is it

card tricks, coin tricks, rope tricks, juggling and getting confused

my speciality is MCing im the bad boy at mcing

You DON'T wanna know. shifty


I know what it is Daedalus wink

hmm......eating fish lol

Hush you. erm

naughty shifty bye x x x

big grin I have so many talents, it's hard to count!
1. sing 6. poetry
2. dance
3. play violin
4. play chess
5. act

Lord Shadow Z
Drawing is my greatest talent.

Twin B!tch 2
my greatest talent? i'm good at languages and chemistry. completely in love with both of them. and with the little help of ym perfect twin, we can piss off the whole world big grin (go, go twin b!tches!)

my speciality is MCing but fixing computers is another thing im good at

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