Most Overated Movies Ever!!!!!!!

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what do you think are the most overated movies you have ever seen!!!?

5. Pearl Habor

4. Underworld

3.Romeo Must Die

2.Mystic River

1.MONSTERS BALL!!!!!! blowup


Kill Bill

shrek 1+2, spiderman

romeo must die was not even over or under rated(but i loved it), as for overrated, master and commander springs to mind as a recent one, yeah the battles were good, but thats it, also mystic river was a tad overrated i thought

ne of the above.. esp . pearl 'bloody' harbour ...

The Redeemer
TITANIC. Or, as it's better known as...S*ITETANIC...I's a popularly hated film, so sue me!!! eek!


The Redeemer
Thanks!!! embarrasment

titanic must got down in history as one of the most overrated ever

Thats right, Master and Commander was much more overrated that LOTR.


3. Spiderman series
4. Mystic River

Yeah, it's amazing to see just how much the academy awards tell nothing about the movie, they don't judge on the movies, they just get caught up in all the fan fare. I mean, Titanic got what 11 awards, and now it is widely acknowleged that it isn't that great of film and is very overrated.

How many times has this thread been done now?


..and you know, the whole essence of a movie being "overrated" is subjective.

I know I have unloaded this spiel once before, but, take "Lord of the Rings" for instance. People will just be naive and say the movie is overrated simply because they don't like it.

On the other hand, what evidence do they have to support their claim of the movie actually, factually being overrated? As far as epic movie making goes, LOTR was golden. Costume design, set design, characters, locations, story, acting (for the most part), the list goes on and on. While I am not a huge admirer of Academy Awards, they acknowledge excellence in film making in general.

What other movies as of late have undertaken the painstakingly arduous task of transferring a 1,100+ page novel to the big screen, and staisfy well over 80% of LOTR fans, and movie goers in general, piling up $1 Billion dollars in sales, which is UNHEARD OF in Fantasy movies.

I mean, Peter Jackson must have done something right? What arguement do you naysayers have?


As for "Titanic". It's not overrated. It has a universal following. It was a popular movie for a lot of the same reasons LOTR faired so well. Elaborate sets, big name actors, a very mainstream appeal (epic love story) set against one of the nation's biggest and most popular maritime disasters. From what i understand, the acting wasn't what ever really garnered any critical acclaim, which is what is the catalyst for an actual BAD movie being referred to as "overrated" by the general public, who are usually those who simply don't LIKE the movie to begin with, and don't bother looking for anything but flaws in the movie.

Titanic all the way

For me, Lord of the Rings series is definetly the most overrated.

I'll also add The Matrix trilogy, by far the most over rated trilogy ever made.

The 2nd and 3rd movies aren't held in high regard to begin with.

i think the 2nd and third matrixes were hyped up, but after they came out there were enough people who didn't enjoy them that they're not overrated anymore...LOTR trilogy on the other hand i think is wayyy wayy wayy overrated.

Lord Soth
Movies require being liked to be overrated. Pearl Harbor and Underworld (unfortunately) don't apply.

Anything M. Night Shaymalan did after Sixth Sense is vastly overrated. Especially Signs. I hate that movie

Yes, but some people like them, and they're so bad that that makes them over rated.

There are plenty of people who don't like the LOTR trilogy.

lord of the rings the whole trilogy. Titanic has a sweet love story and i dont considered to be over rated.

By far the most overrated is Old School....that movie is both gay and retarded and everyone i know loves it.

i think the movie friday is WAYY overated amongst african americans i know. theyre all like "That movie was teh shit soo funni!" and im all like wht? where? i didnt see it

Mr Parker
I agree. a couple others I will add to that list are batman 1 & 2 and E.T.

Those Scary Movies, 1, 2, 3 are overrated messed


For myself I would have to say Pearl Harbor. It was an ok movie. Some of the special effecfts were great. After I saw the movie I saw a program called History versus Hollywood. They ripped it apart. I expected the movie be be a bit more sound on its facts.

El Toro
Troy. Ive mentioned this somewhere before but they messed up a great war story with a film that targets young girls with a Brad Pitt (achillies) love story. the war was meant to take 10 years but you wouldnt even know it.

LOTR trilogy, Matrix Trilogy, and Harry Potter

Star Wars Episode I


Terminator 3

Shrek 1 +2

Big Fish

Episode 1 and Terminator 3 aren't overrated because they weren't highly rated in the first place.

People are confusing overrated with hyped

No episode 1 was a big hit because it was the first star wars movie to come out in what 30 some odd years. All the old school star wars fans hated it though, myself included because it generally sucked. All the newcomers to the science fiction/fantasy genre couldn't tell the difference

terminator 3...pretty much the same reason, first T movie to come out in like 10 or so years, newcomers who think its classic just because its part of the trilogy dont know the difference.

Although I will admit there was a lot of hype, i'm not confusing it with being overrated. Maybe i could have put it better in my original post.

But Titanic was hype. Pure hype and middle school lust for DiCaprio. It got good ratings because of the famous director, special effects, and dramatic story line. The movie and acting itself...a disgrace to the industry. So if you think about it, there really is a fine line, if any at all between over-hyped movies, and overrated movies. Mostly because you usually can't have one without the other

no message

Pitch Black and Collateral

Episode 1 is pretty underated if you want my opinion.

Here is some I can conjure up:

No Particular order:

1. Last Samurai
2. My Big Fat Greek wedding
3. Bringin Down the house
4. Spider-man (though #2 is the shit)
5. Patriot
6. Pretty much any John Wayne and Clint Eastwood movie

I can't understand how people can call LOTR and Star Wars overated. If you don't like them fine, but take with a grain of salt. Even my list above are movies I thought were oberated, but I am not going to make a statement saying they suck and you shouldn't watch them because I think they suck. I refuse to become an old cynic, except for music of course.

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