That b!tch

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Okay peoples, my step-mum just got really annoyed with me before and starting throwing things at me and a TV remote hit my akilis heel! mad
So I called her a ***** and she slapped me across the face really hard! it really hurt! mad

Oh, I noticed it's not the first time you have problems with her. I'm sorry.

disgust well tht sucks

I know, theres even a bruise on my heel now sad........


Tired Hiker
Call the police for child abuse!


Sun Ce
indeed yes

No not smile >>> mad furious

Sun Ce
i was agreing to tired hiker erm

And get slapped again!? ha!
You don't know this woman, she's half human half evil!
It's times like these when I want my own mother back.

Here are my choices:

A) Go beat her up.
B) Get some vasileane, a banana, and duct tape.
C) Kill her.
D) Commit suicide and write on the wall in blood "This is you fault b!tch"

Sun Ce
hmm u should call for some help and sort it out, don't let her hit u, thats child abuse alright, say to her face "don't u love me anymore mum" see what she says

i know i sould not ask but do u know ur real mum?

C) Would b my choice!! mad

Sun Ce
don't kill your step mum, go to the police and report her pr it. be quick about it to, don't get hurt anymore

get her ****in ass kicked

Sun Ce
john u fail to notice whats been happening, her mum keps hitting her all th time, so she has to see someone about this

Just plot against the *****....U dont have 2 do it but it makes u feel better.........I do it all the time mad

^agree with sun ce Get rid of the *****

i know wee shes commin from


^Hmm this a good excuse 2 use da smilies^

Sun Ce
hmm well telling child care about this would mean your step mum would go into court and maybe prison for her actions towards u, so do whats best for u then happy, hope she stops hitting u soon sad

YES mad

Sun Ce
ah well her choice in the end, hope she makes the right 1 smile

She's not my real Mum, she's my step-mum. I checked out the law and according to that it's okay for what she did (not to me) it's classified as 'Discipline.'

I don't really want to go to the police. She's abused my twin brother too. But he fights back, he pushed her over and made her cry.

i would hit her too

tell your dad

Mighty Yoda
call the police is what i would do.

if ur real mum is still around go to her

She actually passed away when I was young. My dad and brother have gone away for the weekend, my step-mum's up stairs in bed.

awww sorry to hear about that u could get out of there

Mighty Yoda
what you do is up to you

figo obsessed
don't call the police. after that the situation can changing for the worse. You clled her b!th, and maybe you will try understending her. I don't know. It was horrible and she should know that she dealt bad!

Your post was a little difficult to read, but yeah.......well I better get to bed people, it's 20 to 1 in the morning and if my step-mum catches me she'll slit my throat. Goodnight people, I love y'all. (I'm not black by the way, not being racist or anything.)

figo obsessed
grammar? sorry.. but i was trying to help! smile

kill the *****

I would have punched that dirty ****...shes not your mom, and shes got no right to do that to you

too right

When my Dad comes back from his trip I'm going to tell him, she'll get in so much trouble evil face

seeing as under the laws it's as you said 'discipline' next time she starts going at you, smack her right in the face make her fall to the floor and then threaten to
make her life helll her if she ever crosses you again, and if she does continue to do this with more and more punishment... i for one would have choked that whore already
this is something you shouldn't EVER take lightly, do it now before it goes too far

no expression

Sue her, and get legally emancipated. wink

borrow this of the guy who posted it in the what weapons do you have thead, and slap her with it daily

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