fear continued

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this was not created by me it was created by someone else for all you fear haters out there tink means bullets duh, boom is explosions smart one and fear is what use to be a man that you learn about later and the man was having a flash back when he was dieing lets go on... mysterious voice: laughing nice i thought you were gonna have to do it again.

year 2020

day WED.

month MAY

date 11

(today is the day it all started the war the creature now known as fear and the fall of the the people...)

andrews thoughts: now i regreat ever even jioning that freak show i sould have went on with my life without questioning my new powers. but the a was lost i cant do anything about it just tell you what happen. in the year 2000 we were thought many thing were going to happen religious, electric, and super natrule you think nothing happen? your wrong after that ball drop many other things did to did you know that africa was taken out by the sun uvr ( ultra vilont rays) luckaly the computers acted up to and what happened it made the matrix yeah only of africa luck if thats what you want to call it. Because only the the a.i. oh yeah thats right i said a.i. can control them seem familair no let me refresh your memorie nukes yeah like the ones that end the world as you know it. well were getting of topic and i know you still want to here more about this so i will talk about it in the the next fear laughing well the reson i souldnt have jioned this program was because this is the reson the world is on the edge. that is because this was the day the birth of FEAR...

the mysterious voice is that of your leader of the pga Dan Zabway he is a soldier that was also effect by the year 2000 along with me, Frank Jackson, Ben Barber, and Matt Freemon. we were all year because we could help the world change back to what it use to be..

if you want to now what happens check out fear part 3
i know this part wasnt the greatest and you might not like it but to uderstand the story of Fear you must hear the extra
to be continued...... confused

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.