What's ur fav scene

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Hey guys!!!
This is actually my first time visting this site and I gotta say..it's awesome!! Yeah. Long story short......Pirates of the Caribbean changed my life...no joke. I love it to death. DID U KNOW JOHNNY DEPP WON BEST ACTOR AT THE SAG'S 4 PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN? Yeah that totally made my day, no, month when I heard that. Shame about the Oscars tho....
Here are some questions for you...

Which scene is ur fav?
(I like the scene about "mayonaisse and the French"wink

What would you like to see happen in the 2nd movie?
(More Johnny....less other pirates)

If you could be one character, who would it be?
(Definately Keira b/c, HELLO, she kisses Orli)

If you could sum up the movie with a company motto, what would they be?
(Mmm Mmm Good) -Cambell's

~Thanx a bunch~

"That would be the French, Latin based of course, inventors of mayonaisse..." wink

I agree with all of the above!
"i like mayonaisse!"

Favorite scene would be the blacksmith sword-fight.

Captian Rogue
My fav scene was...ummm...when Jack steps onto the dock, lol, it's so funny...In the second movie, i'd love to see more piraty stuff like ships and fighting and more famous lines...laughing out loud lol and stuff!! Well, if i could be any character, i would be Jack Sparrow, mainly because, well ,he is famous and gets lots of rum!! lol and i think it would be so cool to be a pirate like him!! (although i already am!)... I would sum up the movie by saying... "I'm a pirate, yes i am YO HO....RUM!!!!!!!!!!!!" lol laughing out loud

i love the scene where will tells elizabeth he loves her love its cute! although i wish it was me confused

I love the scene with the pigs, where Johnny and Orlando chuck water over Kevin "Badger" McNally who plays Mr. Gibbs.
I love the Blacksmith's sword fight because for, possibly the first time in a movie, i couldn't decide who i wanted to win it!

I think something should happen between Jack and Anamaria and there should be more Orlando and Johnny scenes!

Kate xx

Which scene is ur fav?
My fave is probaly elizabeth and the skeletons,the 1st time u see them. The music is soo good then!

What would you like to see happen in the 2nd movie?
I would think it was really funny if a girl kinda fell in love with jack, when she was drunk,and jack wouldn't really no what to think. like when hes with elizabeth on the island,its like he's never been with a girl be4!

If you could be one character, who would it be?
I would be Jacks neice,cause u'd get to be a pirate,but also be on the good side too,u'd get to be related to jack,and get cool clothes!

If you could sum up the movie with a company motto, what would they be?
Bitter and sweet like an apple...in a good way.

When i first watched the movie i thought that after orli and elizabeth had kissed,i thought anne-marie and jack were gunna kiss too!!! that would hav been stupid tho,too much lip-locking!

scene's are hard, I have so many favorites. I geuss when Jack finally shoots Barbossa. It's so... I don't know, serious and cool and climatic.

I would like more jack, less will, maybe he goes up to new orleans partakes in marti gras and jack drinks too much rum and passes out and then when the party is at its fullest hight soldiers come in and bash and they try to capture jack.

I would be a girl pirate on the Pearl. Maybe if anna maria ever has a kid her daughter.

Can't think of anything else. my creative juices have been spent

Yeah, i have many fave scenes, too.
ic like the one with jack, murtrog and mulroy at the dock. laughing

the next movie should still be exciting... more ships, pirates and fights. but oits sad that keira wont be in =( ah yeah and dont let anamaria and jack become a couple grrrrrrrr....

hmhm... elizabeth... but i would've taken jack and i would've become a pirate... laughing

damn..i don't really have a fave cuz i like all of them..I LOVE THE MOVIE
one scene that i think is hilarious is when will and jack are in tortuga and they were in the bar and gibbs and jack were talkin about will and they cut to the part where this big fat drunk lady was flirtin with will...LOL the look on orli's face is just hilarious!!!! i couldn't stop laughing and kept rewinding to that part..LMAO!

i'd love to see more elizabeth and will and of course more JACK! i want to see a love interest between jack and some girl

if i could be any character i would want to be elizabeth DUH! but she's taken..if the rumors are true i'd love to be either jack's niece or barbossa's daughter..i'd love to play a villain! just as long as i get to do scenes with johnny and orlando!

favrite scenes
with orli and keira together alone

and i love to watch any scene with johnny, def not because he's hot cause i honestly don't think he's all that hott wink but just cuz he's a great actor

My favorite scene : when Barbossa stabs Jack, and finds out that he's part of the curse too.

#1fan Sparrow
I love it at the end when Johnny depp hums the song I love how he does it its even on my signiture if you see below

Captian Rogue
I got the potc dvd on Wednesday, i've wayched EVERYTHING on it, i love it so much...i love all the deleted scenes!!! i hate that they had to delete them...!! pirate

Aye Fav bit would be when Jack steps onto the dock and when Jacks talking to Mortrog and Mullroy and when Jacks talking to the dog and when you see Jack the monkey looking at Elizabeth and munching at her and well all the bits with Jack & jack the monkey

i love it at the end, with the fight between barbossa and jack
"you're off the edge of the map mate, here tehre be monsters!!" great line

WHY IS THE RUM GONE!!!!!!! mad


Bloody pirates...always wantin rum, can never please 'em...

Aye You aint a pirate if ya dont like rum

Aye missy, dont be disrespecting, i do love rum, heh i just have it all, that's why it's gone...

Aye Love da rum. Mmmmmmmmmmm RUUUUUUUUM LOL

My fave scene...well, let's see
When Will and Jack steal the ship
When Jack gets away at the end
When Will and Elizabeth are kissing wink
When Jack first gets to port royale
When we first see will and elizabeth together (besides the dream)

in the second movie i wanna see more will
and less...uh, other people Happy Dance

if i could be a character, i'd be jack the monkey laughing

mm mm mm mm mm...toasty (quizno's subs) Happy Dance

Yeah Id be da monkey cause the monkey Rox

big grin lol
woot he did

Arrgh who thinks the minkey is hot I DO I DO LOL

The minkey?

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