Where the Stars Are Now

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Alright this is one of the first posts I did and I'm going to revise it and let you know where and what the stars of POTC are doing (NOT A STALKER!!, just too much time on my hands...)

Kiera Knightly- she is currently filming The Jacket, and will then begin filming Tulip Fever, but that movie is currently caught up in the tax situation in England.

Orlando Bloom- he is currently filming Kingdom of Heaven, (he plays a BLACKSMITH!!) and this summer he will start to film Elizabethtown.

Johnny Depp- he is currently filming The Libertine, then will start filming Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in June. He may do another movie called the Rum Diary but they haven't gotten a script yet.

His new movie Secret Window will premire in NY this Sunday, and it will come out nationwide March 12, I believe April 30th worldwide, if you want to go i have an address, just ask for it...

Charlie in the Chocolate Factory eh? I'm guessing he's gonna play the chocolate man. stick out tongue

Keira....she played in a movie...eh King Arthur was it? I'm not sure.....

Your right on both...they are starting to cast for the kids in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and Keira plays Gwenivire(sp?)

Oh yes that's the name! I knew it started with a G but I kept thinkin of Gabrielle or something....no I'm stupid...

#1fan Sparrow
What Keira Knightley is going to be in charlie and the chocalate factory?
rolling on floor laughing rolling on floor laughing rolling on floor laughing rolling on floor laughing Happy Dance

#1fan Sparrow
The picture that I put of willy wonka is from a another person

it's a fake too, My name is gabrielle hehehe ok i'll shut up now

wow. johnny looks weird as willy wonka. (i loved that book by the way!!)

kiera was guenivere (SPELLING!!!)? thats cool.

isnt orlando in troy too?

Captian Rogue
Mate, i'm in Australia, mate, we don't get any news on the stars down here... sad the only movie i know that Johnny Depp is playing in at the moment is Once upon a time in Mexico... and another thng...WHY THE HELL ARE THEY USING THE SEXIEST MAN IN THE WORLD TO PLAY AS A CHOLOATE MAN????????????????????

Johnny + Sexy + Chocolate = yummy...anywho Johnnyismadsexy here is what you asked for, the premire is in New York at the
Loews Lincoln Square
1998 Broadway @ 68th st.

I don't know when the premire starts but i think its at 4:00pm

I love Johnny but why are they re-making Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? It's a class movie already! i'm sure Johnny will be great as Willy Wonka but as good as Gene Wilder? I dunno...Any thoughts?

Kate xx

Well the author of 'Charlie' Raul Dohl (sp) said the one with Gene Wilder was really off course in terms of the book, Tim Burton wants this new movie to mimic the book...

Haha!! That poster is sooo funny! lmao!! i havent seen johnny in many films. but hav u seen him in edward scissorhands? he's sooo different! dont u think?

I have seen him in most of his movies, Chocolat (REALLY GOOD), Donnie Brasco, Edward Scizzorhands, Pirates(of course!), Crybaby, The Ninth Gate, Nick of Time, Platoon, Nightmare on Elm st., there is a few that I haven't seen, i can't wait for his new one Secret Windo comes out next friday...YAY!

hes in nightmare on elm street!? hes in chocolat!!? omg,i never knew this!!

i loved crybaby!!!

closing! please stick to POTC....there's a movie forum for this topic!

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