What is your favorite kind of weather?

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big grin Mine is Rain! I love the Rain for it gives us fresh water!
I also love it when it's raining and the sun is shinning for I
love those beautiful rainbows!

same! yes.......i love the rain!......i actually like the dull of it tho.....
not the rainbow that comes after.....

I love cold and snow, gimme hot chocolate on a sunday morning with fresh snow now there's good time's((unless your driving in it but im used to it)), HOT just make's me miserable

Tired Hiker
It's so hard to decide. I love them all, and the more you have one of these conditions, the more you miss the others, so ..... I can't vote.erm

snow... but it doesnt happen in nz no

I love rain. It's the best.

i love the rain and the cold roll on the cold

i love the rain and thunder

Piggle Humsy
Exactly! I ditto that! (except I dont drive stick out tongue ) but I absolutely hate the heat, I suffer from really bad hayfever aswell so when it comes round to summertime all I can think of is when it will go away!
Also I love a good storm, it's so exciting.

Piggle one eye
x x x x

Twin B!tch 2
i love when it's raining. 15-20 Celsius degrees. a little wind, little sun. friggin prefect

Rain! love

i like it best when the clouds are realy dark and it looks like night time and it raining realy had .
i dont like sun day time is just about berable
i love rain wind and night time

Mystique Lynx
I like storm, but without rain.

Rain...'cos what can I say, I look good wet. (starting to sound like DeNiro.....AAAAAAAAAAAH)

Kind of off topic, but goes along with the thread. A really bad joke:

Q- What is Snoop Dogg's favorite kind of weather?
A- Drizzle

*Waits for the snare drop*

Korri says: hot rain.....superbrawl rain that is wink

Heavy Rains 40 degree Inland/thunder & lightening... love


Ugh rain. You get tired of it when thats all it does every friggin day. SUN!!!!!


big gay kirk
definitely Thunder and Lightning... lying in the dark, watching the Hill behind our estate light up and disappear, hearing the Thunder God bashing the Ice Giants with his hammer... beautiful...

coooldness! bring on the snow! yes i love snow! snow snow snow!

im torn between the lightning and cold mountain.

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