Space Balls 2

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Apparently Space Balls 2 is in the works, this was on AICN: There's a small Q and A with Mel Brooks in Playbill magazine, which is all about theatre shows, in which he says there are more movies on the way that he's doing..have a great day.

Playbill : What's the secret to The Producers longevity?

MB: I think it's just a matter of right time, right place. There was a thing called video and then there was a thing called DVDs, then it became more successful, and so the time was right for it, ripe for it actually, to go to Broadway. Now, it's the right time for it to be made back into a movie.

Playbill : With Matthew Broderick and Nathan Lane?

MB: Most definitely. There might be a few changes, for instance an Australian chap named Bert Newton plays Franz Leibkind in the show down under and he gives the performance of that role I've ever seen frankly. I'd love Newton to be involved. I'd also like Nicole Kidman to be involved, and apparently she's keen.

Playbill : Will you have a role in it?

MB : It's doubtful, but I'm writing myself back into the Spaceballs sequel that I'm now writing, so you haven't seen the last of my face. Why another Spaceballs? It wouldn't feel right have anyone else play Yoghurt and the first one was the best experience I've had making a movie since Blazing Saddles.

Playbill : When can we expect that?

MB : Best case scenario : a week before the new Star Wars opens. Worst Case Scenario : a year after the new star wars opens."

Can't wait to see this, Space Balls is a classic so hopefully this will be just as good.

Holy shit, what great news. SpaceBalls is one of my favorite movies ever, I just hope it actually goes through.

Yeah, the way Mel Brooks said it makes it seem like it's happening for sure. I wonder who would be in it though, and I just wonder how they can get it done that quick, I mean, May 2005 is only 8 months away.

I doubt it will be out by then, probably "a year after the new star wars" is more accurate

Yeah, I would think so, half a year would be a near impossible time to make a movie.

Agent Elrond
Spaceballs was great, i'm not so sure about SP2. I hope it will be good. I will see it if it comes out.

I just hope mel doesnt get lucas airhead syndrome and just start pulling 'artism' out of every so called talented orafice... although I enjoyed the first spaceballs very much... especially big head vader ^_^

Old News, But I really do hope it happens.

Maybe it should be a prequel to mock SW?

That would be a good idea which I'm sure he will incorporate into it.

I dunno about this one.... SpaceBalls was great but a sequel just sounds like a bad idea. I bet Yogurt would be the only returning character. It's unfortunate that John Candy can't return as Barf.

Yeah, I can't wait to see what they do to mock Jar Jar, what would everyone think would be the best way to make fun of him?

Jedi Priestess
I for one hope it comes out a year AFTER Revenge of the Sith.......

Me too. That way all of the possible spoof ideas can be involved.

god this is to sweet! woah thats seriously great news! I'll be waiting with bells on!

Darth Jello
since rick moranis is retired, i think jason mewes should play young helmet, to parody hayden christiensen.

I don't want it to be Jason Mewes no

Anyway, I was looking at some sites with possible movie titles:
Space Balls II: The Search For More Money (What Yogurt called part 2 in part 1)
Space Balls III: The Search For Space Balls II
Space Balls I (They would then rename the origial something like "Space Balls It-Was-Part-IV-All-Along" or something like that)

"Space Balls 2: The search for more money" would be awesome, like a little inside joke for the fans of the original.

SpaceBalls 2: The Search For More Money

yogurt mentioned this title in the original spaceballs when he was selling spaceballs merchandise

hysterical it has to be a prequel eek! that would be awesome.... and it has to encorporate the same genera of comedy... none of this new age crap roll eyes (sarcastic)

totally agreed. just good ol makin fun of other movies and crap.
the kinda jokes in spaceballs r the kind of jokes that if they werent in the movie, and in some crappy movie, they wouldnt be funny. but spaceballs has a way to make even the lames jokes hi-larious. like combing the sand or whatever. wouldnt of laughed if it was a different movie, but since it was spaceballs, it was funny. they should incorporate that into spaceballs 2.
a prequel would rock. explaining darth helmet as a little boy, like anakin or something. heehee

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