What They Should Have Done Was....

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What They Should Have Done Was Putting All Of The Matrix Movies Into One, even though it would be like 6 hours long. It would've been much better. Could've had a better chance of being nominated for an Academy Award that way.

Why? It would ruin the viewers experience.
The Matrix Movies are fine as they are being Three Separate Movies. You see in my opinion the first one was really an introduction to the (Matrix) world and this whole superhuman computer code, Agents and machines wanting to kill you thing, the second an expansion of the One, introduction to the Real World and having a lot of unanswered questions left at the end, the third one was to answer those questions and give a final solution/result to the whole war thing. Therefore if you threw them all together you'd be getting too much info thrown at you at once and it would make it less enjoyable, especially if one minute Neo's in a coma and then 5 mins later we know why, to leave Reloaded with the suspense of "what is going to happen" is clever and gives the viewer a chance to go away and work out what the have just seen rather than the answers being given on a plate.
I'm not so sure they would have won any further awards if they did that anyway.....

How can you say it would ruin the viewers experience?

The last two are intended to be one movie and connect as one movie and no answers are given on a plate, nothing that happens in Reloaded is fully explained if at all in Revolutions.

I would love to see Reloaded and Revolutions as one movie, it would really balance the story out.

The first one was just more of a prologue and wouldn't fit if it were connected to the other two.

No awards would have been won this way.

mc pee pants
as mordecai said, the matrix was made as a stand alone movie... the story, the character development and the ending. i didn't even think there would be sequels after i've seen the first movie.

and in my opinion, releasing reloaded and revs as one would've been fine. the way the story develops has no effect whatsoever in the audience's perception of timeline since everything would've taken place within 24-30 hours.

Correct you are.

Mr Zero
What They Should Have Done Was....

During the final big Neo / Smith fight .... had it spill out of the movie into other film sets, like the end of Blazing Saddles.

laughing out loud now that would have been something

originally, the two were supposed to be released like a week apart, so that the viewer could, theoretically, go from Reloaded to Revolutions in a somewhat continuous manner. Which woulda been awesome.

I actually heard rumours about that before each of them came out, but when the release date was realeased I was like man that sucks.

yeah but it was better waiting 6 months than waiting a whole year for Revolutions.

if it was one movie they would have made less money, and thats the bottom line reason why they dont do that

and because you can't make a 6 hour movie...and expect people to see it.

They didn't build as much hype for revolutions. It was almost as if they didn't want any body to see it.

yeah they did...they hyped it as much as Reloaded. ESPECIALLY after the ending in Reloaded. and the trailer in ETM.

They hyped it in a differen't way. With Reloaded, they hyped it with the action and stufff. With Revolutions, I barely say a commercial for it, and when I did it was a emotional. General audiences like action packed commercials.

if they ever did the whole thing as one movie, they would need to do a little bit of a filler inbetween M1, and M2, like half an hour 45 min of completly new footage so that going from M1 to M2 would make sense, since the time inbetween them is about 6 months, also they would need to put in the 1 hour of footage from Enter the Matrix, so all in all the movie would end up being about 8 or so hours, and like Jedi said, theres no way that people are going to sit through 8 hours (well i would if it was the matrix) but normal viewers would never do it, a good idea for maybe a DVD release, but not for the first release on theaters...


Yeah. If it were a different movie, maybe. But the matrix, just no.

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