boot legged movies

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has anyone ever watch one of these bootlegged movies . what do i mean ? well my brother -in -law know this guy who gets movies on dvd that are in the theatres right now , i got resident evil 2 on dvd right now and about to watch it in my living room . i have seen acouple other movies like this but it is funny , alls it is is a guy who goes to the movie theatre with a video camera and a small tripod he tries to sit all the way in the back and then he sets up the camera . well during some of the movies i seen you can see people get up to go get popcorn or sodas during the movie or you can hear them laughing at some punch line , alot of the time the sound is way bad because the theatre is so loud that the little mic on the video cam get all garbled and loud . but the pic is usually clear and you can get the idea of whatthe movie is about . well justwondering if yall have seen any of these ..

Mr Zero
Apart from the fact that bootlegging like this is illegal - any film i'm interested in I wouldn't WANT to see like this. And any film I'm not interested in.. I'm not interested in.

They look horrible, is better to own the original. I just have seen Shrek 2 because we didn't have anything to do in the last days of my biology class. It was black and white, the sound was horrible and I preferred the one I saw in the theatres the day it came out. happy

I wouldn't go telling everyone about my illegal activities if I were you. wink

Bootlegs are BAD ummmmmK!? big grin

I bought a few bootleg dvd's at the comic con. They were movies that at the time were damn near impossible to find elsewhere for a decent price. I got...

Salo: 120 Days of Sodom
Shaun of the Dead (this was a good 3 months before it opened in theaters, and at that time I didn't even think it would have a big release here in the states, had I known I probably wouldn't have bought it.)
Cannibal Holocaust.

I got the laughter sound.... so I never ever bought another movie like that angel_not


I despise pirate movies. Only one I have seen which was a bootleg was Ong Bak which my brother bought with him when he came to stay, they sell them in the shops over where he lives in the far east so he is always buying them, tut tut.

If a film hasn't been shown in the cinema here yet or on dvd yet, I either buy it on a dvd region where it's out or wait till it is shown.

i just saw sherk 2 in my math class, and it was a bootleg dvd. the quality turned out to be surprisingly good.

they are not all horrible, many many dvd quality rips are out while films are in the theater.. so ill see it in the theater if its good, but after that if you wanna watch it again you download the dvd drip because paying to see it gets expensive.. give it a glance

my friend had a terrible version of lotr the colour wasnt theerefor most of the movie , the sound was out and really quite ... it was extremly crap...

The Redeemer
Thanks to draconian BBFC rules the only way to see some horror films here and in the UK is on so called bootleg. As Tobe Hooper once said somewhere "At least you're getting to see them!"

I'd never pick a pirate copy over a legitimate release but if it's NEVER going to be available in the local video shop then there's only one way to go!

all the LOTR movies were out on dvd quality rips within a week of their theater release, because academy award screeners were leaked every year

where i used to live mad people had bootleg dvds. this summer at camp i watched I, robot a good two weeks b4 it came out. my friend has sharktale and shaun of the dead

Darth Vicious
Some look quiet good, i only watch bootlegs when im not sure about the movies and usually they suck, for movies i really wanna see i go to the theather.

If u get a propper DVD rip it is exactly the same as the original dvd no loss of quality and u still have everything the original had menues, extras ect if done properly. Most that have been ripped and converted to vcd are not very good quality (wich means compressing the original from about 6 gig to about 700 mb so its no wonder thos ones r crap lol). But one ripped properly and un converted and put on a dvdR r the same as the bought one. Most downloads r shite and i wouldnt even watch 1 of them cam in the cinema jobbies

most downloads are not shite, not if you have a clue what you are doing. riping a dvd and making an svcd can look almost identical to a real dvd. Plus while movies are in theaters dvd screeners get leaked out which dont have menus but have the same quality.

Never same quality, when they get transfered to whatever, they lose a % of something, forgotten. Never 100%.

Anyone know the thing that changes? It does though.

yea its not the same but its damn close if done right. It easy to rent a dvd and put it on a single cdr and have it still look dvd quality and pop it in a dvd player and run it smoothly. Most people would never know the difference either

It was a hot summer afternoon. I just got off work and went to 7-11 for a slurpee. Out front was a hustler who had every bootleg under the sun. I picked up Charlie's Angels FT and The Hulk. I called my roommates and told them to get the party started cuz I had the goods. Buy the time I got home there were three beautiful girlies, booze, a surplus of mary-jane, and my homies waiting for me in my room. We fired up the DVD player and had a blast. The sound was for sh*t, but the girls were impressed cuz the movies had just left the theater. They showed their appreciation. What a night!

eek! I got laid cuz of bootleg eek!

but you paid for them like a fool.. i could show a 5 year old how to find a movie thats in the theater online

I think you're missing my point.

It was just the chain of events. I wasn't sitting at my computer fiending to see a movie. After a hard day of work, I rapped with a cool kat in front of 7-11, payed 10 bucks for two movies that looked great, and had a blast with my friends. All stemming from the spontaneous excitement of picking up underground, unrealesed DVDs.

btw...what's the name of that site?
I've got a five year old little sister, if you'd rather tell her. wink



why are u ppl buying bootlegged dvd's/ when u can get the movies for free ur self.


note you cant download them from here it lists what groups release them and often has a quality sample and it links to mIRC searches that can identify servers hosting them.

Hey if anyone (apart from d-double) wants movies PM me if u want an actual site where u can download them 4 free.

I dont like the quality of vcds and svcds my self i prefer rips to DVDR's

Well, I don't for one. I don't get bootlegs at all.

Crumbs!! I've been outcast.

The Redeemer
Speaking of pirates, I've just been lent a copy of SHREK 2 on disc. Although it doesn't have proper surround sound the picture quality is quite acceptable and only a few notches below a legitimate release...

i had avp two days before it was released in america, currently i have butterfly effect, saw, layer cake and fat [email protected] on dvd

My dad bought a bootleg and a guy stood up and walked out of the theater

Can someone post a website; I am unable to find free movies. I found several sites you have to register and pay a membership fee.

I really would like to see a bootlegged movie. It would be a first. BUT
I do not want it to be someone in the theatre with a camcorder, I would like it to be decent.

Thanks to anyone.

first there isnt just a website where you can go "click" and get movies from theaters. If you want a movie that is still in theaters it is likely going to be a cam or a telecine. Oscar time is nice though because DVD screeners get leaked everywhere. Use torrents or mIRC, im not gonna go into detials of where to get movies exactly using these but its retardedly simple and easy to find if you do a little looking. If you have no idea what those programs are, go google them. You sound like someone who has no idea how this scene works so you should do your DD. The pay sites were likely newsgroups.

i went to vietnam for summer vacation and my parents bought like 10 bootleg movies for $1 each, they were just a cd in a plastic bag and for the most part, you could watch them normally, but i wouldn't want to buy a bootleg of something that i really wanted to watch b/c i would want like the special features and something i know is not cheap...

one of the bootlegs had "you purchased a bootleg, please report this dvd" when we watched you more reason to buy the real thing i guess.

Lord Evolution
I know a guy cool I always hit him up, DVD quality all the time, movies still in theatres.

Awhile ago, my Grandfather owned a cleaning business, worked at Warner Bros. studio, cleaning Clint Eastwoods office. I would go there with him sometimes, Clint had all these movies that had just been either released on DVD or recently released in the theatres. I borrowed them(w/o asking). Great Quality, but always had this message at the bottom of the screen that would show up every now and then saying to call this number if you were viewing this movie, of course I never did since I knew that was a trick. But for a long time thats how I was seeing a lot of movies.

I cant do that anymore but I still have this guy I go to.

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