crazy in love (what you feel deep down for them and the things you wish could chang)

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Little Vamp
well brendon fraser..he's married and has a son...i feel horrible for loving him because he has a family and is happy... sad

you love him but you're sad 'cause he is happy? blink

Little Vamp
no..i feel bad...because i like him...and i think that would make him made cuz he is happy

don't feel bad...
maybe you'll find someday someone who looks like him

Mr Zero

Little Vamp
lol as if...who do you like?

Mr Zero looks like Manson..... just stay away from him

Brendan is cute!

Little Vamp

Little Vamp
nah i dun feel bad..but no telling what celebs think of they're fans...

Im deeply in love with Joaquin Phoenix. Today while I saw Ladder 49 I kept telling my mom stuff about him over and over and I even told her that I was going to eat him and bite his arms off. I said that cause he'd so gosh damn sexy and those arms...GRR they're scrummy.

all the Phoenix brothers are good looking yes

True, but this masterpiece stands out the most.

i am deeply in love with BRAD PITT for 3 years.. but i am so happy because he has a wonderful family with jen!!!i am too young for him!! but i will love him for ever...he is my M-A-N!!!but i would like to be with me!!! big grin cool big grin

Happy Dance embarrasment Happy Dance BRAD,I LOVE YOU Happy Dance embarrasment Happy Dance

only celebrity who i feel any sort of attraction to is kelly hu, i don't care if she isn't the best actress, but god damn what i wouldnt do to have a night alone with her.

If i were to tell how i truly felt about all my obsessions id be here for about 5 centuries. So ill give my main things.
Joaquin- A new obsession of mine, I never really payed attention to how attracted I was to him on Signs, I just saw him as another character on the movie. But i saw him on Oprah and it all changed. He was beautiful. And when I see him I see me, he's a shy guy, and even though I say im not shy I guess i really am when it comes to certain things. But this guy truly is blessed with gorgeousness and acting. My obsession grew when I saw Ladder 49 and I cant say why for the sake of those who havent seen it, or wont see it. But certain things happened and opened my eyes (Opened my eyes, wide man, cause i was ballin') . So now Joaquin is another new obsession. Whenever I see him I squeal. What i really think is funny is comparing his real life self to the character he played in 'Signs' because of the quote "WE'RE GONNA BEAT YOUR ASS *****!". There's endless things to say about this angel.
Kid Rock- Ive been a fan for years and years, pretty much when I was 9 i remember owning his cd and jamming to it. But about a month ago I was offered to go to one of his concerts and of course I accepted..I like his music..It was gonna be something to do right!? The concert was last Friday (October 1st) and I had a sincerely awesome time, He didnt just sit up on the stage with a stool and a guitar and sing songs. He got up and went from one stage to the other side, playing with the crowd, letting us play shouting games, the stage was rowed with cannons that shot 20 foot high flames. Other than that he really performed well, better than anyone Ive seen really. He loves his fans. I got a shirt of him
there's the front of it, im wearing it right now as well. I could go on for pages about him.
Orlando- A one true obsession that I thought would never die. I found myself not too long ago falling out of love with him, but I swill have 3 large posters, and numerous magazine pictures and articles of him in my room. As well as every magazine on the market. This man is engraved in my heart no matter how fall i far away from an obsession from him.
Dom and Billy- Ah, two truly close friends, nearly brothers. I found myself sparking an obsession when LOTR came out, this is an obsession that'll never end. LOST RULES.

Okay, Im all written out for now.

Merry Lover
Yep! I agree! big grin

I'm so in love with Dominic Monaghan it's really tragic. Same with Elijah Wood, my room is plasterd with posters of him. I'd do the same with Dom posters, exept there are none. sad I also adore Rupert Grint, but not as much as Dom. And Ewan McGregor is GORGEOUS in Moulin Rouge! love I've liked Elijah since the first LOTR movie came out, Dom since the ROTK and Rupert since the thrid HP movie. Can't remember when I saw Moulin Rouge for the first time, but I've liked Ewan since then.
But those are it really, my obsessions usually pass really quickly. I usually see a movie, then I'm obsessed with the male lead for a week or so, then that's it.

brad pitt andi wouldnt change a thing bout it

yes yes yes yes yes

I totally agree I think Joaquin has the perfect look of dangerous and beautiful combined, the scar above his lip adds to his perfection i think his scar is hot like him. When i watched Gladiator when it 1st came out i wasnt ashamed to admitt i was rooting for him the whole time during the movie mainly cuz i thought he was hot.But u've got to admitt he plays a great bad guy aswell as a nice guy like he did in signs.

Also i found it quiet sad when he slit up with Liv tyler cuz they made a perfect couple if he was to end up with someone other then me i would have pefered it to be her.

I'm crazy in love with Rupert Grint. big grin I think he's a wonderful actor, he has a great personality, a wonderful sense of humor, and he seems so sweet. I think it was amazing how he tried so hard to get the role he wanted, and succeded. I like guys who work their hardest to get what they desire most. And if I could change anything, well, actually, if I could WISH for anything, It would be to meet him, and become friends' with him, at least.

Originally posted by Pyrofly
all the Phoenix brothers are good looking yes

didn't one of Joaquin's brothers die?

I think his name was River Phoenix. He played the teenaged version of Indiana Jones in 'Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade'.

Yea, River Phoenix overdosed yearsago.

yeah. thought so.

Alrite a year passed and i am really OBsessed with Orlando Bloom! I dunno why but everytime i see him on tv i can't help my self from shouting and trembling and i now this is weird but it's true! I just want Orlando to be happy because he rele deserves it and everytime i read those bad posts for him and everytime i hear people getting tired of him my heart just breaks!
I know that OrLando will always be a huge obsession!

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