10 hottest stars of 2day

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Heyy..what r ur top 10 hottest stars? USHER is # 1 4 me but what about the other 9? Happy Dance Happy Dance Happy Dance

1. Usher (eek! hes so hott)
2. Brad Pitt
3. Orly Bloom
4. Johnny Depp
5. Paul Walker
6. Heath Ledger
7. CMM
8. Ryan Pinkston
9. Stevie Brock
10. Erik Von Detten

Happy Dance Happy Dance Happy Dance Happy Dance

whats ur list????

#1 of all time....BRAD PITT!
#2 Matt Damon Happy Dance
#3Ben Afflek...sux at acitng but is a fine mutha ****a
#4viggo mortensen..i wanna ride him like he rode hidalgo
#5Lee Thomson Young love
#6 Orlando Bloom(blink why is he not appealing to me anymore?)
#7Usher..he would be a lot higher up if he fixed his nose
#8Delonte west!! HOT BABY!
#9Tom Cruise...he owuld be alot higher up too if he fixed his nose
#10 Chad Micheal Murray..anyone who can make watching A Cinderella Story worth watching has a place in my heart

not in any particualr order but here's mine

Ralph Fiennes
Joseph Fiennes
Jude law
Angelina Jolie
Joaquin Phoenix
Viggo Mortesen
Eric Bana
Johnny Depp
Hugh Jackman
Tim Daly

OMG!! i 4got hgh jack man and johnny depp *slap* take out usher adn ben afflek

because you are coming to your senses

he was never hot

there are many of these threads but oh well

Macaulay Culkin
Johnny Lewis
Paul Bettany
Seth Green
Jack Black blink

thats about it for me


#1 Jessica Alba.

the Rest is Futile.

nah i still think he look good but i just don tlike..him. adn mccauly culkin? honetly he look slike a rehab dropout. he was so cute in home alone WHAT HAPPENED!

Whoop! BBG's not an Orlando obsessor anymore! eek! Yay! laughing out loud

For me, it would be, in no order:

Dominic Monaghan droolio
Billy Boyd drool
Johnny Depp
Heath Ledger
Rupert Grint
Jimmy Fallon love

Crap, I can't think of any more. blink

Well...even though there are 400 other threads like this one...Ill drink to that.
1. Kid Rock 2.Joaquin Phoenix 3.Orlando Bloom 4.Dominic Monaghan 5.Billy Boyd 6.Kid Rock 7.Kid Rock 8.Joaquin Phoenix 9.Joaquin Phoenix 10. Finally....did I mention...Kid Rock? lol.

#sad# ...but now.....im a brad girl~ Happy Dance ..now about this user name...

no expression he still is cute

and he didnt drop out he just didnt follow the guidlines after he got out big grin

Hottest top celebs....hmmm
Hayden Christensen (Star Wars2&3)
Randy Orton (hes a wrestler and damn fine!),
Mark Wahlberg (The Italian Job)
Jay Hernendez (Crazy/Beautiful)
James Carpinello (The Punisher)
Ricky Ullman (Phil Of the Future)
Taylor Handley (The OC)
Tyler Hoechlin (7th Heaven, Road to Perdition)
Shane West (A Walk To Remember)
Paul Walker (2Fast2Furious)
^^^^^^^^^This List = TOTAL HOTTNESS!!
Some of these dudes are fairly unknown, but still gorgeous!smile

Totally amazing that I've only heard of 3 of those guys.

on my list it's

1.Chad Michael Murray(who wouldn't like this hottttt actor.)
that's all

I guess me, considering I dont even know who it is..

trust me he's a moron

Haha, yeah, i tend to go for the not-so-famous ones... stick out tongue


Britney Spears, Charlize Theron, Jude law, Queen Latifah, Heath Ledger, Angelina Jolie, Kate Hudson, Jessica Alba, Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom

Johnny Depp (Everything amazing!)
Brad Pitt (Too many)
Ben Chaplin (he's soo cute! Birthday Girl, Lost Souls, Game On)
Travis Barker (Drummer from Blink 182)
Viggo Mortensen (Aragon)
Jake Gyllenhal (Donnie Darko)
David Boreanaz (Angel)
Joaquin Phoenix (Buffalo Soldiers)
Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails)
Hugh Jackman (X-Men)
Seth Green (Buffy/Austin Powers)
Brandon Lee (The Crow)

Happy Dance
And shockingly, Robert De Niro!

i freak myself out embarrasment

i cant believe that i had forgotten chris cornell (soundgarden/audioslave) hes a cutie, with an amazing voice!

1 Zane Holtz
2 Jake M Smith
3 Johnny Depp
4 Billy (Frm good charlotte)
5 Kurt Cobain

Johnny Depp
Colin Farrell
Colin Firth
Kiefer Sutherland
Hugh Grant
Jude Law
Paul Walker
Casey Affleck
Orlando Bloom
Mr Blonde

and not necessarily in that order cool

MC Mike
If I was a girl and had real taste, anyone but Orlando Bloom. smile

even Jack Nicholson? eh?

Natalie Portman!

can u av boys and girls ??

usher`???? sick

Angelina Jolie
Liv Tyler
Kylie Minogue
Janet Jackson
Nicholas Cage
Jared Leto
Elijah Wood
Michael Jackson
Jude Law
Nicole Kidman
Brad Pitt
Mariah carey

Going to close this one in favor of the all purpose "Hottest" thread. Just search for it, it's there, meesa promise.

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