Jimmy Fallon

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Anyone else like him here??
I love him!!! He's talented.hot and funny as hell.I'm sad he left SNL,but that show's not that good anymore.


Can't wait to see Taxi


hmm used to like him but he killed it with taxi

eek! I love Jimmy Fallon! love I wish he didn't leave SNL. sad Me and my best friend (who also loves Jimmy) were sad for months! We wrote stuff like "I love Jimmy Fallon" or stuff like that on our arms. Actually, I still do that. laughing out loud He was great on SNL, and I'm sure he'll be just as funny in Taxi. Can't wait to see it Friday! Happy Dance

queen latifah? jimmy fallon can do so much better then that. hes hilarious and doesnt need some wanabee comedian

his so cool...i live in Australia and we are behind. So he will still be on SNL for a while for us!

Seeing the commercials to Taxi makes me think he should've stayed on SNL.

I hope his career suffers a quick death because he sucks and has no talent....

i love jimmy fallon he was funny on snl,cant wait to buy best of jimmy falon in january! he was hillarious in taxi,and hell be great in his new movie fever pitch,have you all heard his cd its so good and hes comin out with another!!!!!and to top it all off hes comin out woth a childrens book in december.i think his career will do great i mean hes so totally hot and totally hillarious!!!! big grin

I think Jimmy Fallon sucks the large one... he wasnt that funny on SNL, and the 6 bucks i would have spent on the ticket to "Taxi" was more productively spent on getting me drunk last Friday.

I agree with Cipher, I hope he goes away soon.

i never really liked the guy and became more furious with him when he left SNL because him and Horatio were hilarious together.

^ I agree. With the him and Horatio thing...

Damn, you people are negative, aren't you? blink Personally, as I've said before, I love Jimmy and I think he's really funny. I have seen Taxi, and it was pretty good...The funniest part had to be when he was learning to drive. laughing out loud I agree with BBG, though...He can do better than Queen Latifah. erm

WOW! Pippintook. we finally agree on something. Jimmy was great on Weekend Update.

Sorry, this guy isn't funny. It is beyond me how he even got on SNL in the first place.

Woah....Me and Remi agreeing on something. blink That's a first. stick out tongue Yeah, Weekend Update won't ever be the same without Jimmy. sad

jimmy jones
Today I have a topic I am an expert on: how much Jimmy Fallon sucks. Who decided this guy was funny? They sure didn't ask me. Now, we all know SNL has sucked for years now, and I blame it on Jimmy Fallon. Even the seasons before he was around. His suckitude is so great that it transcends time and space.Now, to be a comedian, you have to be funny. Jimmy Fallon seems to think that being a comedian consists of mugging to the camera every second he is on it. And he's just got this smarmy, awful smile that just screams "I'm funny, really! Look at me!" He did the Weekend Update too. He tried, anyway. Not to say any of the jokes are good to begin with, but any that had a chance at a chuckle are butchered by his awful delivery. He cracks up laughing all the time at his own jokes. That is the worst thing you can possibly do when you tell jokes for a living. In fact, he does it in all the sketches he is in too. I don't see why he cracks up, either, the writers on that show suck. And he seems to think he is the next Adam Sandler and sings some awful songs (at least a few of Sandler's were funny). I heard one on the radio, and needless to say, I would rather listen to Hey Ya! on a two hour loop. This is not a complement to Hey Ya! either. I hate that song with the burning fury of a thousand suns. In conclusion, up yours, Jimmy Fallon. I hope you die.

You M.F. what the hell do u mean Jimmy sucked. For your info he happens 2 B the 11 funniest man in the word. Acording 2 A sertan website.

I'm no fan of Queen Latifah but she has been nominated for an Academy Award and a Golden Globe. I think Latifah should ask herself why is she in a movie with Jimmy Fallon. He sucked on SNL and not worthy to be mentioned with great SNL member's like Chevy Chase, Mike Myers, Will Farrell, Chris Rock, Chris Farley and Adam Sandler ( yes i know i missing a few but oh well). The guy has no talent and should be shot in the face.

And by the way Remi, type ****ing english.

the movie TAXI looks gay
Happy Dance giljotiini

u guys are being way to harsh on him

No shit, Emma. blink (that's not meant in a mean way...) But I can't really say anything to you guys who don't like Jimmy cause I do the same thing in forums about people I don't like. So, yeah. It's your opinion. Go say whatever you have to say. I still think he's very funny. stick out tongue

The movie Taxi was gay!

Yes that movie was terrible it looks like that Fallon will not be a adam sandler and will be a Molly Shannon.Sad.

Very Sad.

yeah i think he is funny too...i will miss him on SNL... sad

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