Ness's life

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Ok I gess you'r wondering what this is about well .The reason I have not be on KMC is b/c of alot of shit that is going on in my life.I don't know where to start... but here it goes .

I had a good life. I had the gurl next door .a gurlfriend , and a school where everyone knew me. i was kind of popular and i gess you could say I had alot of friends. But that all changed . My mom was into drugs and I didn't know. One night the police came and knocked on my door. They serched the whole house and found drugs on my mom's he was put in jail. But my mom was safe '' for the moment''.

I was at Lance's house. I was awsome at first. But about a week in they started to '' make fun of my mom ''. So I was getting mad at them. Also Lance was the only reason I was having fun b/c we liked the same things. And we go to Las Vegas And he Has to stat there. '' so that sucked ''. Also his mom was homeschooling me . That was a big misstake.They got gardianship of me. Long story short. They kicked me out b/c they couldn't take care of me . so my mom got me ........ she was i jail for 4 months and she gust got out.......

While I was at Lance's house I was going out with my gurlfriend Jessica. I already was not seeing here a lot. She was going to be at a high school next year. So I kenw it wasn't going to work out.So I broke up with her.

Now, I'm at my mom's trailor. And in the trailor is mom, my aunt ( who is a tom-boy and is very everything bad owns a shotgun and is not allowed to ) and my crazy grand-pa. I had to start a new school. As soon as I got there I was picked on for no reason. But they gave up and started to be nice to me. I was going out with a kinda popular gurl . About 3 weeks later I had to go to court over me agin. So my mom was declared '' unfit '' and I had to go to my dad's mom and dad. So once agin I had to brake up with my gurlfriend. And I had to start another school here. And they also didn't like me either..And so far it's no better..

** so that is why my life is hell **

ill see ya later

hm, and i thought my life is hell, in fact, it's only boring but i'd rather have boring that worse.
anyway, it's amazing how quickly things can change. this is probably not worth much but i hope that you will be ok in this new school...and make sure that you keep coming here when you have the time to tell us how you're getting along. there's nothing worse than not having anyone to talk to.

I' m really sorry to hear that sad

man i thought my mom with her alcohol problem was bad with cop visits 2x a week. Ness man, that sucks. I guess, try and keep your head up, good things are bound to happen...

My life is the same everyday, So I really can't say I like it or I hate it.

thanx guys
im at school so by by

ok can someone elts say something

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