*Degrassi Forum???*

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I really liked Degrassi, it's a really good show! So do you think that there should be a Degrassi Forum????

I agree with rogue! Please give degrassi a forum!

sowwie.... declined sad

so do i!! degrassi is a great show watched by many people it deserves it!

Royal Knight

give Degrassi its own Forum !! it rocks and people don't have to go into it if they don't want to !!! big grin

oh, come on smile you would make so many poeple happy! it's a great show and deserves its own forum (please big grin )

I agree totally with Rogue.

yeah, what he said

yes GO!! GO !!! GO!!!

what's degrassi? huh

tv show erm

have to go with Rogue on this one. great show!

me tew awesome show needs its own forumbig grin

Degrassi=very kick ass show that deserves its own forum

If smallville has its own forum, degrassi should too.

Yeah!! SO glad you guys agree with me!

Phoenix Wing
ok.... i agree with this one.

*gives rouge a wink.... wink1 wink3 winkiss

i like rogue's idea, lets have another forum rock

Degrassi forum!? Oh, shudder!

why can't there be a degrassi forum?? (espcially if smallvill does!) yes

because smallville is australian droolio

Why not have a Degrassi/Smallville forum in one subforum? evil face

Darth Sauron
so you can rule some more people?

a subforum like what???

Both shows have nothing to do with each other. . . .completly different

Orlando´s Angel
So whats this tv show (Degrassi) about>>>>>>?>?>?>?

Jedi Priestess
that is my Q.......cant be that popular if people asking what it is messed

i told you, its a tv show erm

jedi priestess theer's TONN of ppl who dont know what smallville is and it still a forum, there's ppl who dont know what kioll bill is or who is quentin tarantino, i think that wasnt a smart post, i thnk degrassi is really famous tho'not quite sure if it needs a forum... mayb a sub forum in the tv talk forum smile

eek! YEAH!!! C'mon ppl!!!!!!!!

i agree!!! smallville has one...why cant degrassi? theres so much material to talk about and its such a great show. im behind you rogue!!! lol

The show isn't that popular. None of my friends like it (KMC and personal friends.)

But a lot of people here DO like the show. It's popular in Canada and in the US, but if you have cable, you probably don't get it. It's on Satelite and Direct TV, thus why some people don't know about it.

And LadySlytherin's right, there is SO much to talk about. There's Spoilers, episodes, couples, characters . . .

Captain REX
They have a Degrassi club at my high school...

wow... thats weird...

Captain REX
Not really! They have tons of clubs...

i don't have clubs at mi school, let alone about tv shows.

but i think that we should have a degrassi forum eek!
as RoguePw25 said, theres heaps of things to talk about, as every new ep airs!!
please please please embarrasment can we have it yes

What's Degrassi? I read that is a TV show (some poster mentioned that already) But what is it about? messed

a lot of people like degrassi (im one of those people) & i think they would like a degrassi forum. so rouge i agree w/ u about having a degrassi forum.

This show is about a group of 10th and 11th graders at Degrassi Community School. Kids at DCS deal with all kinds of issues (i.e. sex, drugs, dating). In the second season DCS merges with a nearby high school, so everybody is still at the same school.

One girl Paige went to this party and got raped, another one had an abusive boyfriend. Another boy can't tell his parents that he's gay, another boy has a dad who beats him.

They tackle real tough issues. THis one girl named Manny wanted to be "hot" so she changed her image and wore really really short skirts. She ended up doing it with this boy and got pregnant. She didn't know what to do, so she got abortion

Too dramatic show for my liking erm

so rogue mayb u should pm ra erm

so rogue mayb u should pm raz erm

but is really unfair that there's a smallville flourm and there's no drama forum!!

I know. . .. .

I PM'ed him and he said that he's aware of it, so I guess there working on it and stuff.

raz works in mysterious ways ninja

Smallville is a more popular show than Degrassi, even so the Smallville forum isn't very active.

A Degrassi froum would be less active.

I dont think it warrants its own forum.

And as time may show the Smallville forum may itself be closed.

Of course any and all decisions are up to Raz.

But the Degrassi Forum is already very active. It stays on the first page, usually in the Top 10 everyday

The deal was to open a poll and then to get a final approval from the section mod, in this case Tex.

So my advice would be to use the thread in the TV forum for the time being.

Okay, will do!! thanks for answering Raz!

oh raz... i feel dorry for these guys... well mayb someday else
we should have a.......24 forum!! am gonna open a thread

juuuuuuuuust kidding roll eyes (sarcastic) laughing out loud

that was mean!!!

Mr Parker
Yes I think there should be as well.

No you don't, your just saying that because Spidergrl told you too roll eyes (sarcastic)

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