What is your favorite Rodney Dangerfield memory?

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As most of you know, Rodney Dangerfield died yesterday at the age of 82. Along with his oh-so-fitting rejection to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, he was truly a man which never got the "respect" he deserved.

For me, while I admire his entire career, I would have to single out his starring role in 1997's Meet Wally Sparks, a largely unseen yet really funny film.

His small role in 1988's Moving was hilarious and, of course, who could forget Caddyshack?

He always had the best stand up, and in caddy shack, he was the reason i saw that movie,

May he rest in peace sad :bye:

who is rodney dangerfield....

NO WAIT WAIT.... How in the world did he die..wtf..He was like an old child...wtf.

Well, he was 82 years old and fat, so I'm assuming a heart attack.

LOL alright. jw.

Blasphemy. My favorite Dangerfield memory is from the final tournament in "Caddyshack". After a ball hits him lightly in the arm, he pauses, then says "Oo! My arm...I think it's broken!" while swinging it wildly.

I really enjoyed him in The Simpsons episode he guest starred in. I've alwayed enjoyed Rodney Dangerfield, he was a great comedian and responsible for discovering some of the best stand ups around.

Rover Dangerfield! I love that movie lol

He also was one of the first comedians to create a site for himself on the internet. I think it was Entertainment magazine, and they asked him why he bothered to create the site 10 years ago, when the concept of the net was foreign to most. He said he knew it would change the world--that it was the next big thing.

"Oh, this is the worst looking hat I ever saw--ugh--bet you buy this hat, they give you a free bowl of soup."**looks at Ted Knight (Judge Smales), who is wearing the same hat**
"Oh, it looks good on you, though." *rolls eyes*

Rodney was a great Comedian, and consisted of a great amount of talent.

May his Soul rest in peace.

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