Fashion Tips

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Samurai Guy
I consider myself a fairly well dressed person, and I decided I would post some tricks of the trade I have learned along the way. Feel free to post what you want.

1) If you are not wearing a belt... you might as well be naked.
2) Cuffing your pant legs is always optional, but they should not exceed the original cuff. Fold twice, look nice!
3) Jeans go with most anything.
4) Just because you match, doesnt mean you look good. Colour isnt everything!
5) Too much of one colour is a major no-no.

There are more, but lets see what you can come up with.


Samurai Guy
Weird, why?

fashion tips dont always apply to every1 tho, depends on style...
like me for instance i wouldnt dream of cuffing my trouser legs up

oh and theres always the "blue and green should never be seen without a colour in between" and stuff like that wink

Mighty Yoda
i don't like fashion

(Didn' t know you were a FF fan SG.)

Samurai Guy
Much you do not know about me, Stormy dear! big grin

True... but the Belt rule is general.


There is no such thing as too much black if you know how to ensemble no2

Mighty Yoda
neither did i

Samurai Guy
Too much black gives off a Gothic Vibe to me, and I am not really a goth fan.

ph33r my jackskellington hoodie!

Black looks mucho nice when you are a nicely tanned colour, too pale looks horrible, same with a fake orange glow sick

Samurai Guy
Depends on the material of the clothing in question. Besides, a tanned body makes all clothing that much nicer. wink

Different degrees of tan look different on people, except I can spot a fake tan a mile away cool

Samurai Guy
Most people can. But, it is all really the same. Whatever makes the person happy.

I am just sick of one thing......


toe socks and sandles now thats fashion! wink

i like my bands shirts!

Samurai Guy
roll eyes (sarcastic)

usually wear small tshirts, jeans and either a polo shirt or tight sweater... and some sort of cap.

and yea i wear my jeans low, theyre boot cut jeans and sometimes have zipthru sports-style jackets

been called a mix between Emo and Indie, and im not bothered by that, im getting my ears peirced n stretched and getting a tattoo sleeve aswell... so not like im trying not to be Emo/Indie mix stick out tongue

and for the record i dont actually listen to Emo that much stick out tongue

EDIT: know that wasnt a tip, but feel free to say whatever u want about it lol

now THATS fashion! i dress the same way cool

i dont know what the shit this is...

These are just some color combinations that I can't stand when put together...

1. dark blue and black
2. brown and black
3. red and orange
4. pink and red
5. red and purple (eww!)
There may be others though...

Samurai Guy
Red and Pink should never be worn together

It is more or less called "Preppy."

Something like this... sweater and jeans with oxford shoes.

I think you look very nice. thumb up

Samurai Guy
I try.

I just don't understand how people can't be conscious of how they look sometimes.

Samurai Guy
I dont mind other fashions. Dress how you want. Whatever you feel comfortable in should determine your dress.

Just dress how YOU want... but dont wear socks and sandals.

oh, that's a given big grin

Samurai Guy

I prefer to dress "nice." I take pride in my appearance... when I plan on seeing people. When I am working out, sleeping, or whatnot, I wear cargo's and t-shirts, or muscle shirts.

i dress how in what i like and in what i think suits
but id be lieing if i said i didnt take preference over other stuff that suits me, because of how i want to appear to other ppl....but its only a small thought in the back of my mind

Samurai Guy
Everyone wants to portray themselves in a certain way.

lil bitchiness
Orangeness and too much make up are just ugh thumb down

Also, the overly sparkly lip gloss, its a major no no. It looks like you've been eating Christmas decorations.

Samurai Guy

The abundance of make-up as a whole is a no-no. LESS IS MORE!

Samurai Guy
Most of my original post was general rules, like colours matching are not the only concern with looking good and belts a essential.

I always cuff my pants.

Samurai Guy
In regards to TOO much black....

I am wearing Black Jeans and a Black Sweater today, however there is a blue stripe across the chest, which makes up for it. There has to be something in there to make a balance.

no expression tell me more

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