The End of Bad Movies

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Just a thought. The last few decades have seen an explosion of movies with incredibly poor acting, scripts and plots, but which neverthelss draw in the crowds because of their revolutionary special effects. But movie makers are reaching the stage where CG worlds are indistinguishable from reality, and where such effects are common. Does this spell the end of Dreadful Movies with Great Special Effects? Will directors be forced back to intriguing characters, and witty dialogue, and fight scenes without a single bit of flying...?
Here's hoping.

I am sure your not alone. It does seem that a larger proportion of films that are considered "classic" come before the 80's, when movie makers had to rely more on script and character and acting skill then just dazzling effects. And this isn't such a bad thing, I mean, sure, Titanic was visually impressive, and the back stories (real) good, but the conventional romanace main plot? Bah. But with more companies with access to the tech it means we are becoming jaded to super realistic explosions, and wanting more. I mean, whats the good of a highly realistic world if the actors might as well be card board? (Star Wars I & II I'm looking at you...)

yea, remember when they had mechanical special effects, none of this cgi crap just like when i got pissed off at the end of jurassic park 3 when Dr. Grant spoke to the raptors to leave them alone and the dinos did so they were saved now thats just crap, it really makes me mad because that's why the new jurassic park will be like, with crap and crap loads of cgi. I honestally cant stand cgi, remember those claymation things back in like the late 20's early 30's, cool stuff right there, and all the gun fight scenes with the duke in his movies, they were never enhanced or anything, they used real fake bullets, we all knew it was fake, but when you saw the guy go down he worked it so he would fall off a building or something, STUNT MEN made everything, they still do if it didnt envolve them flying or some crap like that, just them falling off a roof of a huge building, like in die hard or something. REMEMBER THE GOOD OL' DAYS

The use of CGI should be subtle and done with restraint so that it doesn't overwhelm the rest of the movie. Its not all bad, though, because it can used in movies set in the past like Titanic.

LOTR could not have been done without CGI but they still had a massive number of actors at least to fill in a bit of the orcs big grin

Once CGI gets to the point where it is almost exaclty like life looking, then it will be praised as a miracle. But I agree now it is used a little too much considering it just isn't that advanced enough and is too noticable. When you actually watch a movie and think something is real but turns out to be CGI will be when it's at its peak, not right now where you watch a CGI shot in a film and aren't really thinking about what the shot is trying to show you, but instead you're looking to see if it looks realistic or fake.

Special effects are meant to enhance a movie, not dominate it. Some films are going overboard with CGI like the new Star Wars trilogy.

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