Which Story Should I Do

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f0rgotten s0ul
Hey Peeps, I'm New Here And I Wanted To Kick Off With A Bang And I Was Wondering Which Story To Write..So Please Take This Poll And Decide Which Story You Would Like To See

f0rgotten s0ul

Predator 3 - The Final Return
The Predator returns one last time. Mike Harrigan, retired LAPD Lieutenant is called back out of retirement to figure out whats going on about the gruesome murders that is corrupted the drug baron city. When more innocent people become 'SKINNED' then Mike remembers what happened years ago when he faced off against his worst fear..THE PREDATOR. Mike goes in search for The Alien and tracks him down once again..but he has help by a retired special forces person..a man called DUTCH..the first man to face off against the Predator. Both men hunt the Predator down from LA to the deep Jungles of South America. Once they're in, theres no going back, the hunters become the hunted and they games begin!

Nightmare On Elm Street : Pure Evil Never Dies
Elm Street has settled down from it's mass killings of teenagers to be the street everyone wants to live in. A Family moves into 1428 Elm..and the Nightmare starts all over again. A boy called Marty keeps having the same dream about a burnt maniac who used to terrorise young kids. Marty can't keep fighting it so his parents seek professional help from two people...this time, the dark humor has gone...the horror will begin

Evil Dead 4 - Deadites Re-United
Ash has finally settled down in a small remote village. Still working at the S-Mart he enjoys every minute living there. With a new girlfriend called Michelle, they are living happily..until one day, something goes wrong. The Deadites return to Ash and destroy his town and he and Michelle are trapped in the town with a stranger they don't know. Together the three must find the Necronominin and send the Evil back to the grave!

Terminator - Fate For The Future
It is the year 2035. John Connors resistance is failing..and fast. Connor with the help of his colonels Perry and Kyle are desperate to find the time displacement chamber and get back to the past to set the future right and to save Connor from the Terminators. Skynet has found a way to replicate human skin for the Terminators, after the Resistance find this out the hard way..their fate will rely on Kyle

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