chewbaca was a sith!!

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born on a sith planet, the inability to fix the hyperdrive in time before the falcon is pulled into the tracter beam, the laughing at han when he is getting tortured, and the chocking of lando, so that leia can not hear how to save han, and most of just being a sore looser at checkers.

p.s. boba fett was not nodding to boush, he was signaling to chewie.

Darth Jello
are you high? or just craving attention

there is got to be something to talk about before the new movie. besides my chewbacca theory is highly plausable.

Chewie??? A SITH??? You must be joking... Well, if that's your theory, it's OK...

Can we ban members for being stupid? wink Haha, quite an amusing theory. I think R2D2 is the real Sith though, and C3PO is the apprentice.

I think humor-threads suits the EU-section better than here

Born on a Sith planet???!

You must be reading more into the Holiday Special than the rest of us...

I wonder what happens if they smoked the holiday special??????


I dont think it means your evil being born on a sith Planet, maybe chewy was, maybe the whole human race started there that would explain our voilant streak

I do not know what you mean, Bicnarok. The point is that he was not born on a Sith planet!

joe, your mamma was born on a sith planet :-)

Have you read it in SuperShadow-dot-com, joecool1912? I think it's quite possible...

Admitting you dont have a sence of humour Yersott dude? laughing Happy Dance

it's not schedualed to be implented until the new full version of me


Darth Artoo and Darth Threepio!!!

Someone has GOT to make a sig of those two!!!

Ask and ye shall receive, albeit rushed.

The way 3PO hobbles around is a lot like Palps in ROTJ.

laughing out loud

And 3PO does a great vadour impression as well...

As for chewie being a sith... you should be slapped with whip made of wookie hair for such insolence stick out tongue

You're an idiot, joecool!

super shadow GL
of course chewie is a sith!(hey guys just let him be.he's probably someone craving for attention and wanting to get laid)

padme wanna be
You must not be paying attenchin or ssomething. A word of avice from someone who knows . Chewy has never been a sith and will never be a sith. got it! : mad mad mad

in today's class we'll be spelling the word "joke"
here it goes:

chewie is not a sith!


I dont believe that chewy is a sith and neither are the droids after all Anakin made C3po
Hey does anyone know about them possibly doing movies on Jacen and Jaina

If anyone knows email me at [email protected]
The Tmust be capped or it wont get to me

OMG!!! You can't be serious!!! laughing out loud

I agree, He isn't Force user

was there any particular reason you bumped this shit thread to the top again?
seven months after the fact????

Captain REX
Chewie's not a Sith, he's a Jedi!

*runs away* stick out tongue

stick out tongue Happy Dance laughing

ok have i missed something huh

chewie is a sith, ok mad who's been on da wacky backy!? smokin'

At least he didn't start a duplicate thread on the subject.

hahahahahhah got a point there, imagion chewie the sith .. hope he don't ignight his hair ith that saber, a big fire ball runnen around screamen wookie style lol

i guess he did it so he wouldn't get flamed for opening a new thread and not using the search button. a pet peeve for some of you guys here.

Jedi Priestess
and an understandable peeve at that. Besides the fact that its been made quite clear that Chewbaca is in no way a Sith. But it's nice to see that stupidity was alive and well back in March.

why, oh why would someone search for the topic of chewbacca being a sith?

and lets just say for the sake of arguement that he WAS looking for a thread on chewbacca being a sith...why just post "you cant be serious"

if everyone here dug up ridiculous threads from months ago, just to say "look how stupid this is", this forum would be in even more of a mess than it is now.

While were off any real subject are Ewoks Really like midget Wookies baned from Kyshakk for being Midgets?? why not keep em around for amusment like we do with small people!! smile

how P.C. of you laughing out loud

I think this guy's onto something here. It's all falling into place. And I bet Chewie erased the Kamino file too. Probably was a Jedi first, and GL did say we've seen the Jedi traitor on screen before. He didn't say it was in a prequel though.

Darth Chewbacca! What a wookie!

ok ur not actually serious are u?

Is that a real pic in your sig?

yes, its real.

Maybe the guys dyslexic
what he meant was Chewbacca is a SHIT!

Ok, going nowhere... closing.

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