finding neverland

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i cant wait for the movie...its gonna be so amazing....see the trailer!

Mr Zero
It's a pretty damn good film, long overdue for cinema release.

And it's nice to see Mr Depp actually acting again after coasting for a few years.

I thought he did a nice job in Secret Window, although I can't say the film was that perfect.

Mr Zero
I saw secret window on a flight so i cant be over critical - but it kinda looked like an array of tics and fidgets rather than a performance... ?

i've seen clips fron this movie it looks really good smile

Is this a horror movie about what happenned when a group of kids discovered Michael Jackson'd house?

lol..nope i dont think it is some how ..

i heard it is pg maybe pg13. i heard also that they do not kiss, there is no profanity, and no action!!!! well that can wait for dvd! i will watch it though, not just cuz its a depp film, but because it has a gr8 cast, and theres talk on how this is johnnys second oscar nomination film!!!!

winona forever!!!!!!!!!!

This movie is going to fill a void of the past few months in movies. I have been waiting for a movie with the reminiscent childhood innocence and imagination. And with Depp as the main character, SOLD! I have been waiting for a good story that is lighthearted and really ahs a good message...


i think this movie will be worth watching

I can not wait for this film -- I think this is going to be Johnny Depp's oscar year

It is going to be really really good!clapping

DeVi| D0do
This is a VERY good film...

I had the pleasure of going to a preview of this film about a month ago and I gotta say it's the best film I've seen in a good while. And I don't usually go for these types of films.

If I had seen a trailer or read about this film I don't think it would be one I'd normally go to see but I am glad I did see it.

I thought it was strange that I had heard NOTHING about this film when I walked into the theatre and saw a small poster for it. I am usually pretty clued up on all the latest movie-happenings.

And I don't know why there hasn't been more coverage of this film because it is brilliant!

no there isn't any action (do you mean action as in fighting? or action between Depp and Winslet? either way there's none), and I don't recall them kissing (I could be wrong it was a while ago)...

This is DEFINITELY worth watching I highly recommend it! and don't forget to take some tissues with you as well... smile

Thanx dodo... you just got me totally psyched up again for this movie. When exactly is it coming out?

I'm really excited about this film. It looks really interesting! Can't wait till when it comes out on Friday!

After watching the review for this film from Johnathon Ross (love the guy) i cant wait to see this film. It looks like a really creative, innocent movie with a good strong story behind it. I hear that it has a really teary ending aswell so im interested in seeing what happens.
I saw a clip on Film 2004 of them all dressed up as pirates, switching from reality to their imagination and its looked great although depps pirate accent seemed very familiar to another of his characters... shifty

just got bak from the watching movie and i must say it is f... amazing... the first ever movie i have had tears in my eyes to

I saw this film a few days ago. Absolutely love it. It's just amazing. Johnny Depp is brilliant in it. In fact the whole cast was just great. I highly recommend this film. And as DeVi| D0do said, don't forget to bring some tissues wink

Is it a horror movie about michael Jackson?

Anybody else see this? Any more reviews? I'll probably hit it up next weekend, but I def want to see it.

I'm definately seeing it.

It's amazing, I have posted a thread of fn myself without knowing about this one, it's fantastic, one of depp's finest roles.

Yes , Deep is a fantastic actor. But in this movie there are two great actors too, like Julie Christie and Dustin Hoffman. Their work is fantastic too.

I loved this movie I thought it was beautiful.

Jedi Priestess
How can you have seen this? Its not released till Friday?

They're probably at the UK.

yes thats right the movies been released here for almost two weeks now.

i saw it at a screener on tuesday night it was great

Jackie Malfoy
I can't wait till this movie is out on friday.I am going to get my boyfriend to take me tomorrow night!It looks so good and Dep is such a great actor and cute too.
Well I will let you know later on how it was.JM

its a really really beautiful film and jd's amazing as always... i feel an oscar cumin along hehehe lets hope so he certainly deserves it

This move had the feel and quality that is so difficult to come by in most moives these days. It was fun and inspiring and well done on all fronts.

I have seen this three times now, and I cry every time.... So SAD!!! Expecially when Kate Winslet walks through the garden into Neverland, and she has that long train....

I seem to like it more each time. And the little boy that plays Peter is amazing too. And really nice, subtle work from Johnny. I HOPE he wins the Oscar for this, and best picture. It would be nice for a film like this to win instead of one of these mega expensive ridiculous computer films! It's nice to see a film about human beings that have feelings...

The name of the movie scares me

This one coul;d have so easliy turned out to be sappy, but did a damn fine job of showing real emotions without going over the top. And Depp, as always, was brilliant.

Caught this one this evening..finally. I enjoyed it. I had mentioned in the DVD section that there were a lot of rumours and false accusations that were debunked by this film, and was a great delve into the essence of Barrie, and the roots of "Peter Pan" as we've come to know it.

It goes without saying (so why am I saying it..?) that Depp was fantastic. I also really appreciated the real life/fantasy merges in the play scenes, as if their imagination were reality. It had some "Big Fish" type magic to it, as well as a great message. DON'T GROW UP!

big grin , don't wanna sleep, because tomorrow its another day older. wink

Tired Hiker
I just saw this movie and cried like a chick during the last twenty minutes. Excellent flick.

I put off watching the movie for over a year, finally I watched it on a movie channel. I was really surprised how good it was. I didn't expect it to be as good as it was. I think that it was great movie all around, from the acting to the story.

Good movie. Not excellent or extraordinary but good none the less. Nice storyline, cute characters and good acting. Very enjoyable.

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