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Chapter 1: The War....

For thousands of generations there has been a legendary battle between two of the most unique and dominant races... Many of you may ask me, What is the war? How could it last for so much? Well the war is between the Vampires and the Werewolfs... Both ancient races...

Out story starts as a women in a slick leather costume, which kinda reminds you of trinity from the matrix costume makes her way on top of the buildings. The women jumped from building to building easily, with giant amount of distance. She was a vampire and she was holding a black cellphone..

Women: So where did you say they were supposed to be

A mens voice rang throu the cellphone

Man:Kelly, Im telling you the last time, seven buildings to your right

Kelly: Ok Gregory, a couple of werewolfes would be nothing!

Gregory: I send you some backup... Youre underestimating them...

Kelly: Comeone I fought werewolfes before!

Gregory: But theres lot of them in there...

Kelly: I killed lots of werewolfes!

As Kelly turned to her left and looked down she could see a vampire that was not associated with the others. She frowned. "Aleksandrya." she muttered guessing that was who the feanged female was.

Aleksandrya was trying to get to the lychans before the others. She would kill a few and disperse the rest. She could do it without breaking too much of a sweat. Looking up she could see Kelly's face.

"Shit." she whispered now breaking into a fast run. It had become a race again like it had so many times before. Sometimes Kelly would win and Aleksandrya would kill at least thirty that night, or Aleksandrya would win.

Kelly smirked. She ran jumping from uilding to building. landing with such agile that would make a cat look like a baby just learining to walk. She knew that whe was going to win this time.

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With her vampyric eyes, Kelly could easily keep track of Alexandra's shadowy form leaping from rooftop to rooftop in the distance. She put on an extra burst of speed, desperate and determined to meet the dead line of the lycian's gathering before the enemy did. If Kelly ever let Alexandra get ahead of her, she would never forgive herself. Not like she would or could ever develop a guilt complex, just the idea of what sort of punishment she could face back at the convenent, having gone mad after Viktor had been slain and Selene going into exile with her human to god's knew where. Kelly mentally growled at this royal frustration, seeds of hate growing inside her for that traitor and the mortal in tow.

Aleksandrya slid into the manhole and fell twenty feet. Luckily she landed on her feet. Unluckily it was in the middle of two Lychan guards. One grabbed her up and bared his fangs. "hehe, live meat."

"You fool, drop her." said the other. "She obviously has information we need." he said as the two drug her in front of their new leader.

Aleksandrya didn't struggle. SHe knew this was something she had to do. She was to full of revenge not to.

Meanwhile, Kelly watched as Aleksandrya was encircled by a group of Lychans. "Tells us where he is at and we will save you."

Aleksandrya smiled sadistically. Little did they notice their leaders sudden wide eyes and gasping. One lychan spun and started to freak. He was a the runt of the pack and got anothers attention. A silver dart was in the leaders neck.

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.