Review: Saw

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lil bitchiness
I just came back from seeing this movie, and frankly, i liked it.

This a psychological thriler, in the style of 'Se7en' and the likes. The serial killer in this movie, does not actually physically kill anyone, but he makes his victims kill themsels, and in that respect I think it was rather good. The serial killer is wanting his victims to appreciate being alive basicaly, and gives them the chance to live, but in a very sinistar ways

The movie was rather clever, however, there were a few scenes that were rather unnecessary. What I liked about this movie was the fact that some bits in it seemed cheesy as hell at the time, however, as the movie progresses it appears to be way more complicated than it lead us to believe.

The way it was filmed was also not the typical psychological thriler type and there are no super cool detectives who will come in and save the day. The movie rather contrencates on the victems and the crimes rather than the aftermath, which was also another thing i loved about it.

Its very disturbing, and somewhat gory. especially the sawing of the foot bit

I would definitivly recomed it! Again, its not a horror slasher type movie, its a psychologial thriler, and i cant say it was scary, but it was rather disturbing. There were some odd uneccesary bits, but the movie wastes no time in the introductions and the likes, it basically starts as it starts if that makes sense.

thumb up see it.

I didnt see this thread anywhere, and its kind of hard to search for it, seeing how it has only 3 characters, so if theres a thread already about this, post the link and I'll merge it.

iv heard a alot about it and it looks like being the best horror/thriller movie in years

i really wanna see this movie, im just hoping its not R18+ in Australia, if so ill have to wait till its on dvd.

I cannot ****ing wait for this movie.
It's not out here yet...

Going To See It On Friday.

Not one of the best horror movies in years, but it's definitely worth seeing, the ending is interesting.

Sneak preview? "The Grudge" is out this Friday, with "Saw" on the Friday before Halloween. I'm going to both. Hell, AND "Dawn of the Dead" (2004) DVD is out next Tuesday!

Oh man, that's right, I'll have to wait an extra week.But are you saying that there's a sneak preview this coming up Friday?

Nah, I figured maybe you knew of one, and that's why you said you were seeing it this Friday instead.

Anywho, looks more promising than "The Grudge", IMO. Check out the website, too!

The UK gets a movie before the US?

Outrageous! schmoll

So how exactly does he make them appreciate life?

I'm not planning on seeing it, maybe renting it.
Telling me wont spoil anything.

Spill the beans...

Nevermind... He is suffering from a terminal illness and thus hates people blessed with perfect health that are throwing their lives away and have them play his games to teach them the value of their own blessings.

Awh, that's so sweet!
Mother Teresa you b!tch, move over for Saw! love

lil bitchiness

Have you seen it then, Tex? Or have you read that from a review?

It has been out for a week or so here in Britain.

I'm going to see it in 3 days big grin

Darth Vicious
I saw this movie last weekend(sneak preview) and besides the revelation as to where the killer was hiding which i thought was clever the movie didnt do too much for me, i wouldve liked if they had gone a bit deeper into the killers mind, his motivations, how he picked the victims and i also found the guys were pretty stupid not to be able to find a way to cut through the chains plus the killer himself wasnt to healthy to be able to pull elavorate puzzles and ways to kill like he did, it was an "ok" movie, not plannin gon seeing it anytime soon again

Just came out here tonight, my friends are going to see it. I might see it tomorrow, I hope stick out tongue

Sorry everyone, but bluntly, this movie was bad. It was sloppy, generic, predictable, and obviously amatuerish. It's no surprise that this film was the first from James Wan, it shows.

I'll go ahead and just skip the plot, simply read C-Dics summary of it if you don't already the plot. But I will say this, the story is not unlike the plot in Phone Booth. A bitter crazy guy wants his victims to apreciate life and blah blah blah. So, using very questionable logic, he tortures these people usually to death in order to get them to apreciate life.

The biggest problem of this film was the simple stupidity of pretty much all of the characters. They were all stupid to the point of being mentally handicaped. Danny Glover and his partner are a perfect example of this. In the middle of the film when they had the chance to capture the guy immediately after seeing him walk into the room which they had snuck into after figuring out where he was hiding. Instead, they sat and watched him for about 10 seconds, letting him get situated and get near the man he had captured. Then when the guy turned on his drill of death, they ****ed around with him, asking him to turn it off, rather then just immediately shooting the machine to shut it down. It took these cops about 30 seconds to figure out that they should shoot the machine. By then it was too late and Danny Glover got his neck sliced by some hidden knife the bad guy had concealed that sprang out of teh arm of his jacket, not unlike the gun from Taxi Driver.

Something else really dumb is that the bad guy (who is a god damn dying old man who in the end could barely walk) becomes superman when he attacks someone, moving faster and seemingly with more force then anyone else on the earth can contend with. He even managed to ambush Adam, when Adam knew where he was. Another example of using stupid character as an excuse for the success of the villian, something a lot of bad and sloppy movies do.

Another typical amatuerish move was to have the bad guy win at the end. I'm so sick of movies taking the easy way of leaving the audience in a sense of unsatisfaction and frusturation by simply having the bad guy win. A good movie will find a way to have the story feel unfair while still beign satisfying (for a good example of this, watch Se7en. The bad guy dies AND the movie still leaves us frusturated, but not cheated, as this movie does.

One last gripe, the "twist" at the end was really dumb. "oooooh, the dead body in the middle of the room is actually the killer." yeah, way to pull a cheasy gimmick twist out of your ass.

Okay, now to the positives. The movie had a good, grainy and dark feeling to it. Very atmospheric. Some good sets and props. Nifty, little wierd torture devices. That's about all of the positives.

Over all, this movie was very poor, and used the easiest device of leaving the audience frustruated, and unsatisfied, and ultimately, cheated. If you want a good psychological movie, watch Se7en, or Audition. Don't bother with this generic and pretentious movie.

I'll give it 4 our of 10.

sooo true


i was expecting too much from this movie. ill be more generous


I wasn't expecting much, and it still disapointed.

it was a low budget movie right?

I'm going to see it tommorow, will post my review, hopefully I'm not dissatisfied.

Alright I just got home from this flick, one thing i must say is Ewles needs to learn to act, other than that

I was entertained thorugh and through, edge of my seat, What an amazing premise, and how the movie worked itself like a "Jigsaw" Puzzle just had my mind racing. Some have complained about the directers use of speeding things up but I thought it was great. The movie was supposed to torture you just as every single person in the movie was being tortured.

Then the end, WOW WOW WOW didnt see that coming.

GO SEE IT!! ITS HALLOWEEN WEEKEND andthis will make you think much more than buffy in Grunge.

and backfire. a couple things careful ending revealed kinda:

the guy did die, well will die, he was terminal, and here is a clever bit of filmaking i picked up in reflection. When Ewles grabs the gun to shoot the Danny he puts the bullet in the chamber, there were no empty shells in the gun!!! I wrote it off as an error until of course you know why there was no bullet in that gun.

Oh, it did..

Darth Vicious
I think CinemaAddiction couldvnt have summarised this movie better, take his word for it, this moviie is bad!

Waggy the Dog
I just "saw" it, and it wasn't that good; there were some moments which were good, but they were out-weighed by moments so horrible, that I shook my head in disbelief. It just became boring.

As well as, I don't know how they screwed up the sequence with Adam walking through his apartment with his camera; if edited differently, it could have been genius, but it's a peice of crap now.

The music {for the most part} was also atrocious; it seems like stuff taken from Goosebumps.

so..the dead guy in the middle of teh room is the killer? please explain...

i'll probably rent the movie

That would be correct.

moonwalker741 how does he mess with them during the movie?

"Jigsaw" is the clinical patient, whom Cary Elwes looks after. Jigs doesn't think the Dr. appreciates what he has. Then, there's the orderly, whom is just a weirdo. Naturally, those two having nothing to lose, and the orderly is hired by Jigsaw to knock off the Doctors wife and kid, while Jigsaw tortures the Doctor himself.

Im seeing it in a few hours. It better be good. Its the only thing on in theaters besides the Grudge (Stupid gay movie) And ladder 49, which I wouldnt mind seeing for my 7th time.

Okay This movie was really good. I just got back from seeing it.
I give it a 8.5/10. Some parts were pretty predictable but I thought it was awesome.

Wasn't as predictable as Ladder 49 that's for sure.

Jackie Malfoy
Whiy because I am a scary cat when it comes to horror movies.
My boyfriend wants me to go see it with him on friday but I do n't think I am going too.
Actly I am not sure.Inleast he will with me.(LOVE) and would make me less scared.I will decided either on friday or before.JM Happy Dance

It isnt even scary.

It's a thriller, it's not supposed to be scary. A little disturbing maybe.

Alright....first off I am no good with the little highlight spoiler thing...sooo somebody please pm me on how to do that if you would be so kind...((I feel stupid now as it is so please dont rub it in my face...))I will edit this post later when I know how to do that but for now If you havent seen the movie read no more, but if you wanna see my review scroll down to where it says review in big letters.

Okay now...for the spoiler so I can make a small correction to Cinema addiction.

Jigsaw did not hire the guy holding the wife and kids hostage.Jigsaw was playing a game with him.It was a pretty clever double game thing.By playing a game with that guy, he was able to play a game with the Doctor and Adam.


Okay, if you dont know the plot already then refer to other reviews because I am too lazy to put down the plot and I would probably slip some spoilers in there by accident.Onward to my simply thoughts on the movie.First off, the movie was not as dull as some said it was.Yes I have seen scarier movies, but this one had times where it made me jump a bit.The rest was just mentally scary, messed with your mind you know.

I loved this movie, and I think it may be the best Horror movie released in a while.People talk about how some scenes were unneccesary, and I see what they were talking about.Some scenes were made to perhaps freak you out a bit, but only mentally, but some of those scenes turned out completley humorous to me.I could not control my laughter during two scenes.One of which was a mentally freaky scene and another which was just a violence scene meeting comedy central simply because the guy picked just the right weapon to make you laugh.

I came expecting a horror movie and I got just that.I know the scenes werent supposed to make me laugh and ussually people dont like that, but the humor I saw in those two scenes added to me enjoying the movie ((not in a way to rag on it either...)).I loved this movie it made me jump a bit, freaked me out mentally, and even had some good laughs.The ending was unbelievable and I tottally didnt see it coming.I highly reccomend seeing this movie, its the best movie I have seen in a long time.

I know I might be overreacting a bit but yes...I found nothing wrong with this movie and so in my gets...a 10/10

How so? The orderly had nothing to lose, just like Jigsaw. Adam was caught up in the mix because he was hired paparazzi who had his cover blown.

The orderly was never in any danger.

Oh but the orderly was in danger hence the reason why "

SPOILER BELOW!...O.o...I dont think I got a pm yet I will check later...

Adam found the tape player in his pocket...remind you of something?

I will give them props for Bite the Hand That Feeds by Fear Factory when the credits start.

Shoulda used "Archetype"...

^^ Agreed. It is one of the best on the CD and, now that you mention it, probably fit the storyline better.

OMG tthis movie was so horrible, everyone in the threter was laughing at it. and when he came out of the shadows on a bike hahahahahahahhaahahah

lil bitchiness
Hmm...mixed feelings about the movie.

Anyway, I still liked it, although it had its flaws it was a good and entertaining - which is what movies were ment to do, i guess.

Just because a few people don't think this movie is "perfect" doesn't mean I'm not going to like it. This movie was great. I'm definately buying it.

lil bitchiness
Sing it sistah! cool

Good for you, &lt;&lt;Solo&gt;&gt;. I feel the same way about a lot of movies, too. If you (or anyone, for that matter) had thought otherwise then we'd have a problem.

The movie was not horrible and I doubt EVERYONE in the theater is laughing.BUT you did make one valid point, the tricycle scene was hilarious.I taped a screenshot of that scene to myshirt since I worship the puppet on a Tricycle.Thats right....I worship him...I submit to the humor of that scene...

She thought movie is horrible = everyone in the theater thought it was horrible.
She laughed at the movie = everyone in the theater was laughing.

Considering 95% of the rest of the movie genre is tamer than Saw, she must constantly laugh at every damn thing that comes across the screen!

Well, Cary Elwes was a riot.

He always is.

Does backfie like any movies?

Click my profile to find out.

Good choice in movies but shouldnt se7en be in the horror section

I saw this movie today with my mate. and i really enjoyed it, and no im not a sadistic.

and that twist at the end, i didnt see that coming at all.

all i wanna know, it might of been shown in the movie and i probarly forgot, but did Doctor Gordon get out alive minus his foot?

If there was anything sadistic about this movie, I'd understand your disclaimer. Not too sure about Dr. Ken Doll getting out with his foot, although it was apparent that one of his pants legs was longer than the other, covering his "severed" foot.

That ending, as twisty as it was, was too much too late, and a total cop-out.

wat are some of u talking about, this movie was awesome.

i hear theyre actually thinking about making a part 2 and 3 for saw.

I guess Cary Elwes just didnt have that sex appeal women look for in a horror movie

sorry but your wrong, alot of people thought it sucked

i quite liked it, and C-Dic, i'm gonna have to dissagree, i recon that whacko orderly wasn't just some goon helping jigsaw but someone trapped in the game aswell.
thought the movie was good, understand why lots dont like it, not gonna try to make them

so like adam is trapped in there now ? how lame .. i seen it i loved it .. but was like GAH ! there are soo many like questions ... does jigsaw continue ? does adam die ( well yea ) ? does the doctor go on or does jigsaw get him ?

i think adam would die, because he was shot in the chest, and if he doesnt die from loss of blood, a virus will get him.

shot in the shoulder. and they're making a sequal so we'll have to wait and see what happens wont we?

I just saw this medicore movie, not the best thats for sure, I agree with BF in some of his points, the prisoners where indeed foolish and messed up by the writer, I was very unsatisfied by the end, someone mentioned something about the ''dead'' guy on the floor also being a part of the game, very intresting I'l give you that, but this movie has to many flaws to be a great movie...

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