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big grin Anyone who's had the weirdest, most discusting, wonderful,
and the pretty pointless dreams.....share them here! wink

Wild, wet, and sexy. I dream of when I will someday get to lay a woman.

When you do, you'll want it all the time. But anyway, I voted Wild, Wet and Sexy.

I wonder why that is Daedalus shifty

chicken fish
i had a dream that my ex was gonna comit suicide and take me with him *shudders*

wink Do you want to hear a weird.....very weird dream that I still
remember about 9 years ago?

My friend was suppose to through a birthday party for herself and
I was invited along with many others.
In the dream my ex-boyfriend was invited whom I hate!
Before all of us got to have the party, we go to the zoo.
At the zoo....we see an elephant circus act at the zoo.
An elephant act at a zoo????
Very weird.....we all sit and watch the show.
Next....my friend tells me to go and become a volunteer in the
elephant act. I refused,but she convinced me otherwise.
I go down there and the trainer wants me to lye down on my back.
The elephant's act was to put his paw over my head and balance
without crushing me.
Once the elephant starts.....he sneezes snot all over me!
Discusting!!!! eek!
Elephant Snot!
I rinse off at the showers and go to the party.
My friends say I stink and should take a shower.
Note...(the bathroom I step into had no soap, no shower curtains,
no lock on the door!)
I think to myself no one will come in if I take a quick hot shower.
As I shower....(remember my ex that was invited that I hate?)
He has to go to the bathroom and surly enough he walks right
in and sees me naked!
He could not stop starring. Then he invites the guys in to take a
peek.......I wake up!

chicken fish
OH MY GOD! HOW FREAKY! AND Elephant snot? oh i hate my ex too, he went out with me cheated on me, went out with the girl he cheated with then cheated on her! no one like him no more the A hole..... the dream was basically to torture me on a stretcher and then to kill himself and take me with him.....what a loser

thats unlucky to have dreams like that

my favourite dreams are crossed they are bonkers, crazy and just plain weird but they are scrossed with sexy, wet and just plain cool lol

I never really have dreams, but when I do, its always very weird...

the 1st one wink

raven guardia
I Prefer weird dreams.....they are neat to think about after words. plus Psychologically (here I go again) if you dream about choice 1...it is usually a dream of wish-full fulfillment....or repressed memories so basically you re 'lacking' that fulfillment in your everyday life.

I dreamt I was an incubus oncevampire

I'm a lucid dreamer, so I make what I want of dreams.

I have had two lucid dreams that I can remember.

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