The 4400

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Did anybody watch it? Din anybody like it? They just shoed part 2 here. I think it was awesome.

A few too many unanswered questions thugh sad

I guess nobody has seen it erm

Yeah, i watched it last night....i didnt think it was like, THAT great. I thought it was a little overrated...but it was still goodsmile

I like that kinda sci-fi wuith a twist at the end stuff. So i thought it was great. I think they could have elaborated a bit on other things though, like that guy with the healing powers, he just kinda left and thats it, and almost the whole film was focused on him and the people in his life. And the rich guy who built all those houses, they didnt really say what his deal was either.

My brother said it was a series in the US only they axed it after 6 episodes which we saw over two nights... i wish they hadn't axed it because it leaves too many unanswered questions like what happens to Lily's baby

Why did they axe it? I thought it was pretty cool. Kinda like the X files. I would have thought it took off in the U.S.

i saw it, well i taped it coz i had to work, but i watched it this morining, i like it, but yeh some questions unanswered

i think there talking about the seris not the mini seris that aired over two nights.

because i read the other day that they were planning on making a seris of it to explain more of the details.

does anyone know why the trees bent over when the car was driving away at the end?

my guess was it had some thing to do with the baby, either the baby did it, or nature is welcoming the special child

i liked it, heaps of ppl at my high school liked it too

i saw it droolio
it was really good, but i hated the ending mad

Mighty Yoda
never heard of it

this should really go in the tv shows section

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