Potc2 Audition Rumor

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Hey everyone. I called the Jerry Bruckheimer Films Inc and they said that the rumors are not true and that they will be calling agents when they want to set up auditions which will be in a few months. I'm sorry, but it looks like you'll need a well-known agent to audition or to even send in a resume. they're going to be looking for, they don't really have the whole outline of the movie yet]. Thanks, buhbye.
*Kersten* stick out tongue

hmm..thanks for the info laughing

oops that was suppose to be a big grin not a laughing

you guys...its been confirmed by disney that YOU HAVE TO HAVE AN AGENT to send anything in, or to go to an audition...they won't be accepting any letters that arent from agencies, and they wont let you audition if you dont have one, they will just simply take you out of the audition line-up...im sorry to anyone this has dissapointed...erm

Yes well this also means you have more time to get an agent before they are casting so it could in fact be good news so ya Im feeling swedish at the moment

youre feeling swedish? hehe, i've never heard that before.


i live in australia and i would really love to audition for POTC 2. it would mean the world to me. Anywas, i have an agent, but the thing is, i dont think australian agents will be finding out about the auditions, like i dont think the casting agent for the move will contact them about it, which is a real bummer coz then i wont get to audition. what do you think?

i dunno i also have a agent and live in australia my friend is also with a agent and she rkns that they r goin through her agency i think she is lieing though cuz its not a very well known agent


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