My liquid crack!

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Tired Hiker
I must say, I used to be against Starbuck's Coffee company because they are taking over the world. But I know now that Starbucks is a gift from the Gods. I can get legal liquid crack on every street corner in the US at any given time, any day of the week. smile

I gotta have my crack! cool

i had a starbucks in england, and its the strongest coffee ever... i tried to make it less strong with milk, but it made it really cold and exactly the same strength

Silver Stardust
I loooove Starbucks droolio

Mr Zero
I must admit I do love the taste of that liquid crack.

Tired Hiker
Simple milk cannot dilute the potency of liquid crack. smile

Silver Stardust
Nope, doesn't work...

It's funny, because I usually dislike coffee, yet I love Starbucks big grin

Tired Hiker
It's because they inject the coffee beans with pure crack juice. yes

Silver Stardust
Have you ever had their dark chocolate covered espresso beans? OMG, those are pure heaven...and now I really want some...I think I'm going to be making a Starbucks run on the way home from school today.

Tired Hiker
OMG, crack covered with chocolate!!! eek!

I don't drink it much because plain and simple $5 for a cup of coffee is assnine.

But when I go there...i get the Venti Carmel Machiado with a double shot of expresso.

That's 4 shots of expresso because it already comes with two. Christ I can stay up for 3 days with that stuff in my system.

Thanks Crack! big grin

I got have my liquid crack.

The only time I go there is when my GF wants something.

I hate coffee in all of it's forms.

I am the same way as Backfire. I do not like coffee.

Starbucks cant hold a candle to Port City Java

i want a mocha malt big grin

i drink Starbucks with a shot of Cow urine sad

Barnies is better happy

Silver Stardust
I always have a mocha cappucino happy

Last Christmas one of their seasonals was mint-chocolate cappucino droolio

I love all coffee but the starbucks latte with double espresso is so nice

Barnies' Santa's White Christmas = Sippable sex in a cup droolio

You drink sex in a cup sick

Silver Stardust
laughing out loud

nope. i drink Barnies' Santa's White Christmas.

i used to drink starbucks alot, but i dont drink coffee anymore

i love coffee yet hate starbucks... am i weird?


liquid crack eh? I'd always imagined that crack would sublime

Starbucks is so good.
I love the frappachinos, just because I don't really like hot drinks...

me toooo

buti dont drink coffee

yay for chai eek!

*sips coffe* Yawn!


Tired Hiker
If you order a large house blend with no frills, it only costs a dollar seventy-five. Sure beats the price of real crack! erm

but not as good! naughty

my "Sippable-sex-in-a-cup" is $3.75 erm

Caffiene makes me tired sleep

Silver Stardust
Frappacino milkshakes laughing out loud my friends and I make them all the time now yes

yeah theyre really not that hard to make.

Silver Stardust
I want one now...too bad I don't have any frappacino or ice cream sad

hehe thats my patented thingy-ma-whatter


crapppy australia doesnt have starbucks

i stopped drinking coffee a long time ago

eek! cool i didnt.

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