Who are these people who read and don't post???

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Tired Hiker
I find it amazing how some threads may get like maybe 10 replies, but hundreds of people will read it and not respond. Who are these people?? Are they parents of youngsters on the forums, checking to see what the hell 'liquid crack' is all about? I say, to those who don't, please respond. KMC is not a spectator sport! Now I will write a poem!

Like a fish out of water,
like a fig in a tree.
I like Jimmy Carter,
cuz he likes me!

Thank you, Jimmy Carter, for being one of the best Presidents in US history! smile

huh i only posted coz i didnt want to be 'one of those people' stick out tongue

Samurai Guy
*shakes fist in anger*

.... those bastards.

big gay kirk
and at least 18 (atop) have read this and not posted... come on guys... just type "Hi" at least... it doesn't take much!! Mind, I'm a weirdo... my dad says I'd "be in if I had to pay to get out..."

I've wondered that myself TH, it's quite rude to come and check what's being said then just leave. It's like walking up and listening to a total strangers conversation in the street and then just walking away.

Yeah, my brother does that on Rotten Tomatoes Forums all day,
I have no idea how he can do it.

I do it when i have nothing to say

Darth Revan

oops embarrasment

Silver Stardust
I read stuff and don't always post....sometimes I simply have nothing to say.

ill post this because i read it. thats the only reason yes

Sometimes I have nothing to say or I have no idea what's going on

exactly...sometimes i don't have anything of relavance to say...or I'm scared one of those annoyingly egotistical people are gunna come and chew me out for not saying something productive.

read this, have no reply at present but posting to keep you happy.

it could be people who havent registered wit kmc ...

Woohooo, post post post, but I see no sense no expression

Damn, read it again so now I have to post again.

i posted so i am not one of those people

Perhaps they had something to say, however were too late and had their idea posted already.

Or they are just not as talkative as a majority of people should be on a message board?

Or they are doing it out of spite.

Cool sig by the way wink

but yeah, a lot of people read but don't post...grr on them

Mystique Lynx

i have nothing to post here


i like the internet, it does lots of fun things!

Dr. Strangelove
The favorite porn stars thread has 3479 views.

Naughty Naughty


Well since I read the thread, I guess I should post something so...


One of my threads has 1139 posts and 7888 views. confused

This reminds me of the postage shortage of 1872, of course in those days we had pigeons to do the posting, and I can tell you, it wasn't easy typing on them, getting them into the type writer was a pain, and I can tell you, after all that if no body replied to your pigeon post, well, you would be mighty cross, of course, there was no real way to tell if anybody had read it or not, which was when the pigeon post moderators introduced inedible ink, so you could see who had been handling your pigeons, and so you could go up to them into the street and say "I see you have been handling a pigeon, did you post a reply?", naturally this caused many arguments, as the inedible ink was actually quite fatal...... etc etc etc for another few hours........

Darth Revan187
I post but don't read.

It does get quiet annoying, like how there can be up 120 guests that never register.

Guests who read this, it doesn't take much to register! just do it!

But I take it a lot of them are perverts, sometimes I see the guests from the 'who's online page' reading a thread on Pamela Anderson or 'Good-looking people' which is kind of gross, they're obviously looking for porn or something...........

I am strange that way...I can't read something with outposting stick out tongue i guess i just like to talk too much...

yada yada yada (does that count as a post)

considering that it moved your amounts of posts up i would say so...

who would bother to read and not post? then they could never say 'haha i have more posts then you"

That's mean. You shouldn't be mean. I copyrigted it stick out tongue

I post everywhere!! Randomness is catching big grin

Love your sig Elessea yes

lol...but thats half the reason i come to the OTF forum, you get a lot of posts (and you meet people you dont know nad have random convos with them big grin)

really? I like chocolate also stick out tongue

SKITTLES eek! eek! eek! way better than chocolate anyday...unless tha chocolate is cheesecake of course stick out tongue lol

cheesecake? droolio

yes Its my favortie...aside from skittles eek!

cheesecake drooliodrooliodroolio or even better....chocolatecakedrooliodrooliodrooliodrooliodroolio

no...cheesecake yes with wipped cream and skittles :droolio:

btw: thanks Syren...i made it eek!

You used liquify in photoshop rite?

no I have Dell Photoshop....and Jasc Paint shop...i dont know how to use either of them...i took a bunch of piccys and stuck them together, and it didnt look good so i did a combo of warping, blending, and smudging and it looked cool so i kept it stick out tongue

well...it looks great

Thanks big grin I am quite proud of myself for succesfully making a sig on that program...it took my like 3 weeks to figure it out stick out tongue lol




LOL big grin eek



wats up?

not a whole lot...100 more posts and i will have 4,000 eek! I am determined to get that many before i leave in an hour or so big grin

aha...&lt;youre one of the post counters ha? I was until I got my 2000th post...than I stopped posting for posting...I just post when i have something to say

yeah, well i do too...but its always fun to see how many you have yes

Dr. Strangelove
It's nice to see my The Testament of Dr. Mabuse movie review get 120 views, as I'm very proud of that review. happy

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