Mace Windu's death

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Darth Jello
according to everything i've heard from every source, it's a combination of two of those

Rebel Racer
ani will probably kill him. either ani or sidious.

ani wink cause Mace called him a knight and not a master laughing out loud

Huh. I hadn't thought about it but Boba coming in and killing him would be interesting, to say the least yes

yes, a little kid of 12 years old will kill a jedi master roll eyes (sarcastic)

yea he would get revenge for his Father that might be why he is a famous bounty hunter. for killing a jedi master

even with GL saying his role would be smaller and him not getting any kind of weapon in his hands? stick out tongue

Cut his freekin head off

Maybe Anakin, or Sidious.

Darth Jello
lynn, if you change two words of that sentance, you will be correct

Darth Jello
change the maybe to definitely and the or to an and. they will also kill kit fisto, ayla secura, and several other jedi in mace's party when he accuses palpy of being sidious. this will be anakin's final turning point

Boba will be like 17 in this movie cause i think it's 5 years after star wars episode II. Right?

2 years

Obviously, Mace Windu is going to die, because he doesn't appear in the original trilogy. How do you think it will happen?

I think Mace will be the one to take Luke and Leia away from Anakin and separate them, so Anakin will kill him.

I think that he finds out about palpatine and has to be silenced before he can tell anyone else and i think anakin will kill him.

All jedis except Obi Wan and Yoda(Luke later on) are dead at the time of the OT, hence Yodas word to Luke in Rotj "when gone am I the last of the jedi you wil be"

yeah we get that finti wink We're suggesting ways for them to die...

Well, current buzz is that Mace works out the Sidious link, Anakin kills him whilst acting as a bodygurd for Palpatine.

But hard to tell right now- all we know is, as often quoted, he does not go out 'like a punk'

Red Superfly
My money is on Vader/Anakin.

Why? Because ANakin needs to solidify his character as the daddy. He can't kill Obi or Yoda for obvious reasons. Killing Kit Fisto or Ki-Adi-Mundi still won't do much.

Anakin will therefore kill Windu, and a few other Jedi.

Darth Jello
3 years take place between II and III. and again, Mace will be double teamed.

Samuel L Jackson said in a recent interview that "with someone like windu's skills he has to take someone with him" and "he's not the only one who dies in that scene". Is he refering to the other Jedi who perish in the scene? It kinda sounds like he means he's gonna take a bad guy out when he dies??

Pablo said that multiple people will die (don't remember if he gave an exact number) but my guess goes out to clone troopers or imperial guards

I think Mace should die SAVING someone. Like a sacrafice, or somethin'.

Sith Master X
I believe that Anakin will duel with Mace, while Palpatine/Sidious will aid Anakin in the fight.

remember ep1?

"No. He will not be trained."

and then sweet little ani gives mace an evil look of hate?

I think Lucas was setting something up for us.


"Obi wan is a great mentor, as wise as master yoda (obviously the wisest of jedi) and as powerfull as master windu (the most powerfull of jedi{up to that point?})

and later:

"I will be the most powerfull jedi ever."

That's an interesting point.

Red Superfly
Also, could Mace AND Obi-Wan confront Anakin and Sidious, only for Mace to sacrifice himself to save Obi-Wan from a cheap shot by Anakin/Sidious?

That would definitley be noble for Mace.

What about the new bad guy introduced in the clone wars cartoon, General Grievous?

Rogue Jedi
I have been criticized here for this idea, but here it is anyway.....
i feel mace will fall while surrounded by super battle droids.

Red Superfly
Honestly - Vader needs to take out someone of high importance to make him so feared as the figurehead of the Empire. I have a strong feeling Vader/Anakin kills Windu - it seriously makes more sense, for a storytelling point of view.

Getting killed by a lame robot? General Grievous, Battle Droids etc - no way, Windu will only fall for either the Emp or Vader.

I would put money on it being Vader - and everyone knows it's probably true deep down.

Samuel seemd hyped for his death scene anyway - I don't think he would care so much if he died by the hands of some n00b robot character. He was hyped because he's having the honour of dying by Vader/Anakins hands in a blaze of glory.

Heres how i could see it happening mace and obi go looking for a rogue anakin, they split up and mace finds him first and tries to talk to him, they duel and as anakin deals the final blow obi witnesses it and a duel near a lava pit ensues...
Have a look at The
one part says At one point during the duel, it will involve four characters. -OS (OS = Official Site (

Rogue Jedi
not droid...droids, plural.

Red Superfly
I did say Battle DROIDS roll eyes (sarcastic)

Picky, picky...........

Rogue Jedi
well, you said robot. i missed the part after that. my bad.

Just please let Darth Vader Kill him please dont let Boba Fett kill him. just the way u saw him kill his father n crap they made it seem like he was gonna kill him, it just seems cheap.

Let one of the greatest jedi fall to another jedi not a bounty hunter

it wont be Boba Fett

He should sacrifice him self gor Obi Wan's lafe, possibly at the hand af Anniken.

Gandalf Of Lore
From most spoilers and even plot structure itself we can conclude that it will probably be this that happens:
Mace Windu is in the Jedi Temple, he pieces together the troubling news an realizes that Palps is the one behind the sith conspiracy. He is dismayed and wonders why the Jedi had not sensed it. He wastes no time he goes directly to Palpatines office. He confronts him, "You have destroyed many Jedi, which is to your convinience is it not Palpatine?" He continues a flame lit in his eye, "Much to your convinience as a dark lord of the supposedly extinct sith!" At this Palpatine who calmly watches with Anakin -his new bodyguard- by his side reacts he sends a current of force lightning filled with hatred at Windu. Windu deflects it with his lightsaber and then Anakin makes the choice that leads him to the dark side. He duels Windu. With some help from Palpatine he slays Windu.

Gandalf Of Lore
Getting killed by a lame robot? General Grievous, Battle Droids etc - no way, Windu will only fall for either the Emp or Vader.

Red Superfly I completely agree with you on one thing. Mace Windu deserves a glorious death. However even though the best death for him would be in the hands of Anakin which I'm fairly sure it will Grievous is not some lame battle droid. In fact he can hold his own against Yoda, who would struggle to beat him. This may seem silly but it's the purest simplest truth.

Wasn't this on



The Gecko Bird
i've heard that mace windu goes to confront palpatine/sideous and instead gets a duel with ani the sideous helps ani (revealing he is a sith lord) and ani kills windu

uh u kinda screwed up ur spoiler there

Anakin kills him in Palpy's offic.



Is Anakin really going to stab Mace with his lightsaber? From what I've read of this site's "unofficial Ep3 summary" Mace will be killed by Anakin with your lightsaber purple.
I think that it's Lucas's intention to portray Anakin the Jedi killer as a "Darth Vader before the helmet.

I think it's going to be a Anakin / Darth Sidous gang up kind of thing . But I still have to read the Star Wars Episode III book and watch the movie to see if that 's what GL did on the glorious Death of Mace Windu, because out of the Light Jedi only Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda would survive this war .

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