NOES: The Everlasting Nightmare

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f0rgotten s0ul
Chapter One: The Boiler Room

The boilers, the rusty old pipes, the endless road of concrete and broken glass filled the never ending dark boiler room. Sheets of cloth hang from broken as pictures; pictures of young children of about six to fifteen..all with 'LOST' written on the top of them. Then, from the ever growing silence, we hear a soft screech, then it gradually gets louder until it echoes all around the boiler room. A loud menacing laughter is heard, it thuds against the walls of the boiler room. A medium sized man emerges from the shadows, he is wearing a dark, dirty, old brown hat..a ragged and ripped green and black sweater..a pair of dirty brown trousers with matching old brown boots...and finally, on the right hand of the figure, is a metal glove. Attached at the end of the glove are four rusted razors. The figure is the psychotic maniac...
FRED KRUGER! He paces over to the far wall and once again SCREEECH Freddy scrapes his finger nails in anger. Freddy begins to breathe very hard as his eyes squint in anger.

Freddy: Dream...Dream..I need somebody to DRRRRREAAAAAM!! One day, I will return, One day I shall return to Springwood..ELM STREET.. once more the children of springwood will fall victim to my reign of terror, and once again, I shall take their souls!

Freddy takes a long hard look at his rusty claw, he rips it off his hand and throws it away.

Freddy: I can't kill helpless children with a blade that isn't, I have got a while to wait until someone dreams again, but when they do, I'll be ready..and they better be too! I have been trapped in this HELL for too long..I want out..THE CHILDREN ARE MINE..MINE..MIIIIIINE!!

Freddy gives out a sadistic evil laugh which echos around the boiler room which Freddy is trapped inside.

More to come later on. Feedback is welcome..dont worry, the story will become VERY interesting.

f0rgotten s0ul
Chapter Two: Everlasting Evil

"Mister..Frazer, the principle will see you now."

"Thank you" Robert Frazer, a young boy who just moved to springwood Ohio from Denver, picked up his bags and put down his magazine and he knocked the Principles door and he walked in.

"Excuse me sir, I'm Robert wanted to see me?" Robert was very nervous as this was his first day at his new school and already he thought he was in trouble as he was in the Principles office. The Principle raised his head and gave Robert a warm smile.

"Of course, take a seat Robert, and before you as you're not in any kind of trouble. I have just called you down here this evening so that we could talk about the school and your classes, it wont take long" Principle Henderson was a fair man, he always gave people second chances and he always gave new comers a warm reception. Robert took a seat opposite Principle Henderson.

"Oookay..let me see" Principle Henderson was looking through some files. "Ah yes here we go..Eff, Frazer..Frazer Frazer AHA there we go! Well Robert, it looks like you will be in Class A..which is the highest class of your year. I expect good things from you Robert, I hear from your last school that you were excellent in Graphic Design as well as..Dream Skill? is that correct? Tell me Robert, why did you choose to do a course in Dream Skill" Principle Henderson stared at Robert with a smile, but Robert could not return the smile as his face had turned sour as he was about to explain a dark secret that he has hidden.

"W..well. When I was younger I used to dream about my wildest fantasies, dungeons and dragons, chocolate factories and other stuff like that, and then when my father had moved out due to my parents having a divorce, my dreams turned into nightmares! Nightmares that were so bad that they would make the hair on your spine bad that it would make your feet curl up and bad, that you would actually think they were real!" Principle Henderson smile quickly disappeared and he became a little anxious after hearing this story from Robert. "Thats why I decided to study dream skills, because I wanted to get rid of these nightmares, cause if I didn't then I would turn insane!" Robert sighed and his eyes began to water. Principle Henderson stood up and walked over beside Robert, he put his arms around him and he looked at him.

"Alright Robert, after lunch I want you to report to room one two seven, there you will meet the dream skills teacher Mrs. Robb." Principle Henderson gave Robert a pat on the back and laughed. " Don't worry Robert, it will all be fine, dreams are just illusions"

"But what are Nightmares then?" Robert stood up leaving Principle Henderson bewildered as the lunch bell rang. Robert left Principle Henderson's office and he was once again outside in the corridor, but this time it wasn't empty, it was crammed with young students heading for lunch. Robert was wondering how he would get through the crowd. He decided to take his chance and he walked into the crowd and he was behind and in-front of reckless students pushing and shoving each other. After a few claustrophobic seconds of being tightly pushed into a sandwich, Robert began to feel a little uneasy and dizzy and it didn't take long for him to loose some of his balance. Robert saw a way out of the crowd and he made for it but a jock ran out of the crowd and pushed him right into a locker which knocked him right out.

"Ugh..w-where am..where am i?" Roberts vision was blurred. His head was twitching around trying to see where he was. Finally Robers vision came back to him but this time he wasn't in the school, he was in the midst of a dark boiler room. Robert leaned his body forward but a huge mechanical arm shoved him straight down to the ground. Robert was too afraid to talk because it was just like his nightmares. Staring at Robert was a man with burnt skin, glowing yellow eyes, a dirty brown hat and a red and green sweater..the mans name; Freddy Kruger! Freddy leaned towards Robers face and he smiled.

Freddy: "Well well, the first of the children to dream..dream about FEAR..dream about me! And to make matters even's you Robert, you little shit" Freddy raised his mechanical arm in the air and he thrusted it down to the ground beside Robert who was frozen with fear. Freddy let of a laugh only a maniac could preform. Freddy cracked through the ground of the boiler room and he lifted out a big spider which looked exactly like him. "Hmmm, Robert..what are we going to do with you? I want you to send a message for me..tell your friends that I'm back..tell your friends that Fred Krueger has came back..tell them that they are all MY CHILDREN!" Freddy once again let of a sadistic laugh and he hovered the spider of Robert who was now screaming, Freddy set the spider on Roberts face and Robert immediately woke up. He was back at the school, but how embarrassing, on his first day at school he fainted..and when he woke up..all the senior students were crowded around him pointing and laughing. Robert quickly rose from his position and he ran as fast as he could away from the scene

that's it...? Nothing else happens?? Where's the rest? It was just getting good!

Not bad smile

Could you both please read my NOES? it's called 'Freddy's Return: the new Nightmare.' smile

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