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this is were plp can give sorta a idea of what they would like to happen in the eppisodes.
Here is a script i wrote please don't take any thing out of it,of take credit for it,cause it took a week to make,and it still is not done,there are a few buggs to work out in it.
here ya go.
Script~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ WARNIG!

Intro: Shows some shots of famous places in L.A , and then it shows a house with the two victims Mr. , and Mrs. Stokes are at home, and starting a fire in the fire place. Then it zooms over to Mr. Tompkins house were he is given an advil by his maid, and his girl friend leaves from a fight, and says, youíll be sorry, and runs out in a fury. Then it shows Nick, and Warrick at the scene of the crime for the Stokes.

-Starts off Nick is in the brake room waiting for an assignment, while reading a letter from his brother.-
Warrick:*walks into the brake room were Nick is reading a letter.*What do you got there?
Nick: *Swings around to see Warrickís face.*A letter from my brother .He his wife, and daughter just moved to Vegas.
Warrick: Oh yah?
Nick: Yah ,*grabs picture of them*here is picture of them.
Warrick: takes picture in hand and looks at it. Nice family.
Nick:Yah.they are. My brother is motor technician, and my sister in law is a Lawyer.
Warrick: *gives picture back to Nick* Thatís great for them.
Sara:*walks into brake room with Warrick, and Nick*Hey guys.
Warrick: Hey Sara.
Nick: Hey Sara.
Sara: *goes over to coffee machine, and gets a cup of coffee.
Greg : walks in *Hey my CSI buddies!
Nick: *looks at Greg* Greg.
Greg: Yah?
Nick: Never say that again.
Greg: Ok. * Sits down* Whatís that?
Nick: Oh it is just a letter from my brother.
Greg: Oh. *Sees picture of the family*Is that them?
Nick: Yah, with Jennifer his wife, and Abby his daughter.
Cathy:*walks in*Hey Warrick, Nicky, Greg ,Sara.
Greg & Nick & Sara & Greg: Hey Cathy.
Gil:* walks into room* Morning every one. Hope you all got some good sleep last night.
Cathy: Are we busy today?
Gil; No, not really, it weird cases I guess.
Warrick: you guess?
Gil:*Shrugs*I just give the assignments, I donít make them.
Gil: here you go,*hands paper to warrick* You ,and Nick can get this case.
Warrick: grabs paper-*ok come on Nick.
Nick: *gets up* ok.
Warrick & Nick: *Leave*
Gil: Sara, your with me, and Cathy.
Sara: Ok ,lets go.*both her, and Cathy leave*
Greg: Grissom.
Gil: Yah?
Greg: What about me?
Gil: oh sorry greg,um if Nick,and Warrick need any help, then
You can ok?

-Then it goes Nick and Warrickís Crime scene-

Warwick: Nice Neighborhood.
Nick: Yah, sort of like my brotherís neighborhood. *Short pause as they climb up the street * what number did they say it was at?
Warrick: Um*looks at paper*144,why?
Nick:*short pause * God. . No. * starts running towards the house*
Warrick: Nick? Nick Whatís Wrong? *Starts running up to the house to catch up with Nick. *
Nick:*runs into house sees all of the blood rolling down the Victimís faces.*Who are they ,do you know who they are?

David: Well, no, we might have to clean them up I bit to tell. * pauses , looks at body , and then looks at Nick*Why? Do you know him?
Nick: *looks at body*I donít know, I mean, I think, but, god I hope not.
David: Well, do you know her? * Point over to the Mrs.*Looks like she may have bled to death.
Nick: *looks over at the woman*Not sure, how could you when there is so much blood?
Warrick*enters the house, and sees Nick, and the David. *Nick? Whatís wrong? You ran off when I said the address.
Nick: I think we are Related.

David: Related?
Nick: Yah, he was my big brother.
David: He is your older brother?
Nick: Yah by 4 years.
David: And he has a daughter?
Nick: Yah. * Picks up a picture of his brother with his wife, and daughter. I t a playful laugh* I remember, oh. Oh no Abby.
David: Abby? Who the hell is Abby?
Nick: David, did you guys find any more bodies?
David: Yah upstairs in the bathroom. But it was a suicide.
Warrick: A suicide?
David: Yah there was a note, and every thing.
Nick; Did you find a girl?
David: A girl?
Nick: A girl around 12,or maybe 13?
David: No. Why?
Warrick: Nick?
Nick: My niece.
Warrick: Your Niece?
David: *Stars at Nick *
Nick: *Runs up to the bathroom.
Warrick: *Follows Nick.*
Nick: *enters the bathroom, were his brother lays in the tub on top of a sleeping bag with a bullet hole through his head.
Warrick: *Enters the bathroom behind Nick, and sees the body.*
Nick: *Turns around to Warrick* I think Grissomís phantom killer is back.* gets really mad* But why him!
Warrick:*Steps back from Nick.*Nick ,man Iím sorry about your brother.
Nick: I know, but *pauses* We need to find Abby .If she is Still alive.
Warrick: Iíll call Brass, and have him form a search team.
Nick: Thanks Warrick.
Brass: *shows brass interrogating the witness*

-Cuts to Grissom, and Cathy.-

Gil: *swabs blood for sample.*
Cathy: Who do you think she is?
Gil: I donít know .dose she have, an id on her?
Cathy: I donít know, weíll have to wait till the coroner gets her in.*ponders thoughts for a minuet* How do you think the guy, well girl, person blew up?
Gil: Well we might get a lead as so as Greg is done with that blood sample that Sara brought him.
Cathy:*Goes out to the other body.*
Gil;*Examines the body. Then sees the body has some sort of box in her hand. He picks it up ,and calls for Cathy: Yah?
Gil: Could you come here please?
Cathy: *enters room with Gil holding up a box of liquid capsule Tylenol* What the hell is that?
Gil: I think we found out how victim number two died.
Cathy: *Grabs the box* She could have had taken all of the pills.*opens the box*
Gil: *looks over at the open packet *But there is only one missing capsule.
Cathy: Looks like it could be the only witness to the crime.
Gil: I think Iíll look in the yard, maybe there is some evidence there.
Cathy:*looking at the girlís face.* ok.
Gil:*wonders out into the back yard, searching for some kind of answer. But he finds a body instead*Cathy!*runs over to the body, and feels for a pulse ,and there is one.* Cathy get out here!*gets on phone calls for help*Yah I need emergency medical assistants on scene. Young girl white, maybe 12-13 years of age, I think*looks at the girls face.* It is, it is the girl from the Amber alert. It is Abby Stokes.* tries to assist the girl, and hangs up phone*
Cathy: *comes out side to see Gill kneeling over a body.*My god. Is that? * looks at face of the girl*
Gil: Yah, it is the girl from the amber alert. Itís Nickís niece*LOOKS AT Cathy*
Cathy: * looks at Gil*

-Cuts to Crime Scene with Nick, and Warrick-

Brass:*Arrives to tell Nick about their finding of Abby.*
Brass: *Enters the house to find Nick kneeling down to swab a stay blood sample*
Nick:*looks up to see Brass, and stands up straight.* Did you find her?
Brass: Yah, but Ė( gets in erupted by Nick.)
Nick: What? But what ? Is she ok?
Brass: Well, she was pretty beat up.
Nick: *sighs*Damn! Who the hell would do this? *looks at Brass*
Brass: You should consider her lucky.
Nick: I do. Were is she?
Brass: Right now she is at the hospital. She was pretty beat up like I said.
Nick: Like how?
Brass: She had some pretty serious busing.
Nick: Ok, um *gets coat* Could you call some one to cover this? I have to go get her.
Brass: *Smiles* sure.
Nick: *leaves*
Warrick: *comes down the stairs* were did Nick go?
Brass: We found Abby.
Warrick; You did? Were?
Brass: We were by her house, and she was on the side of the road.
Warrick: Were is she now?
Brass: She is at the hospital.

- Cuts to The Hospital-

Nick: *walks up to the front desk*
Secretary: Welcome the L.A. Hospital, how may I help you?
Nick: Abby Stokes, Abby Stokes what room is she in?
Sectitary: Are you family?
Nick: Yah, Iím her uncle.
Secretary: *looks at paper*Abby Stokes Room 144.
Nick: Thank you.*Rushes off to room 144.finnaly finds it, and enters it, and sees Abby with a cast on her right arm. And slowly walks up to her.*
Nick; Abby?* looks at her face, and all of her cuts, and what not*Abby? Are you awake?
Abby;*slowly opens eyes*
Nick; *sighs with relief*Abby?*walks up to her bed side*
Abby: Yah?
Nick: Iím your uncle.
Abby: I know who you are.*looks at him* I have seen you in pictures before.
Nick: Abby, I have to tell you some thing about your Mom, and Dad.
Abby; Their dead.
Nick:* pauses* what?
Abby: Their dead arenít they?
Nick: How did you know?
Abby: I was there.
-Flash back to Were Abby sees her mother get hit in the head.-
Nick: You saw who did it?
Abby: I saw the back of a head.-flashback-But then some thing hit my head, and that is all I remember.
Nick:*Grabs Abbyís right hand, and cups it between his. Abby? Is there any thing you want to talk about?
Abby: *Begins to tear.* Yah.
Nick:*looks at Abbyís tears*What?
Abby: * begins to cry* Whatís going to happen to me?
this is only half of it.

what do you think?I know it is very choppy,it has parts missing,because ti wouldn't let me put all of it in.


you guys are talkitive.


i was really enjoying reading this
have you finished it?
i'd like to read the rest

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