why does john kerry have such a big chin?

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why does kerry have such a big chin? I bet with a chin like that, you could do all kinds of neat stuff. I bet he could save people from flooding, and swoop down from the sky and stop train crashes with a chin like that..........heck I wonder if it's bigger than JLeno's chin...

laughing laughing laughing That's funny! laughing out loud

Jay Leno is funny. Kerry isn't. Jay's chin is definetly bigger than Kerries. Kerry has a big chin because of his dads sperm and his mother's egg combining too quickly. big grin

Darth Surgent
Unlike Bush, who never got around to fully developing.

Some people never grow up if you understand me correctly.
I'm talking about both Micheals...and no, not Jordan.

Kerry's chin grew out, and that is all that grew as far concrete as it goes.
Abstractly, he never grew up.

Don't you reconise him??? He played lurch in The Adams Family! laughing

i think he has a big chin because he has to have some were to put mass's taxes.

wow darinda hun, that wasnt funny

the only 2 people more pimp than Jay Leno are Conan O'Brien and Serj Tankian no expression

are you serious? no expression



I don't know. Why does Bush have such a small brain?

kerry has a big chin for some bizarre genetic reason. its like saying why is his hair funny?

CraSh OveRloaD
Why Does He HAve Such A ig Chin? MAybe He Is Pinochio's Offspring And HAs the asme effect as his nose... eccept with the chin.

Nice Contra laughing thumb up

Leno isn't funny. Now Conan, he is funny.

eek! eek! YES YOU SO KICK SERIOUS ASS!!! thumb up

I might just agree with you.

His chin is like Samson's and his locks, cut them off and he becomes weak and futile stick out tongue

MC Mike
I like how this supposedly Bush-supporter measures a canidate's abilities according to the complexion of the lower jaw.

If you are referring to me, the no i don't like either of them no2 i'm not a fan of politicians.

MC Mike

And I don't like either of them either. But guess who's worse? \/

His chin is amazing. Theres no chance of his face ever getting carved on Mount Rushmore coz there's not enough rock! I hope he gets the presidency coz, if anything, it's gonna be a dream come true for cartoonists.

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