Anyone here a fan of "Big Trouble in Little China"?

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It's a great 1986 John Carpenter made fantasy comedy adventure flick with a major cult following about this truck driver played by Kurt Russell who goes into San Francisco Chinatown to rescue his bestfriend's fiance from evil chinese spirits.

If your a fan of the movie, i've got a major question:
When Thunder the storm got angry when his master died and inflated, how come his hair messed up? why does he expand? what if he wore cowboy boots? and was that toss salad he blew out of his body when he exploded?

If anyone can answer those questions - they must have access to the drugs Carpenter was taking when he made this film.

Great movie - but out there!


Oh shit Wang what is that?

one bad ass movie, but the story is definitely out there. then again, i never go anywhere without my six demon bag.

"hollow?", "hollow.", "f#@k it."

the check is in the mail

Tremendous movie! A great Classic thumb up

Is called blood pressure.

amazing movie, Egg Rulez!!!

Great movie i have the special edition dvd

It is a great film classic. cool

Reborn Again
BIG fan, right here! And BTILC2 will be out in 2005 hopefully!

Two words: Monosodium Glutamate.

No reports on a sequel yet. It would be interesting to see who gets cast.

LOve BTILC! Kick @$$ movie! I hope the 2nd comes out soon!

I must admit this film is an intresting concept, and such an ideal film to get lost in, i don't think there is any film quite like it, Russel and Carpenter work fantastically brilliant together (first Thing and now this).

I love the movie, even if it is a little strange.

Without a doubt, the best B movie ever made, and then some. We need some more movies like this.

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