i'm goin to switzerland!!!

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my band's goin to switzerland this uear for a tour!!eek!eek! this is soooo cool!!!!!!!
and we're gonna play the LOTR soundtrack for our upcomin concert!!eek!eek!eek!

Jumpy That' s great! No wait. That' s more than great!
Can I get an autograph in advance? big grin

ooh, yeah! write your name on a piece of paper scan it in and give it to us! Then we have your autograph! big grin


laughinglaughing out loud i'm not gonna be famous or anyth!!!why do you need my autograph??laughing out loudrolling on floor laughing

omg it's the LOTR soundtrack and the band ON TOUR!!!!!eek!eek!

oh well, your still going on tour!! how cool is that?!

Happy DanceHappy Dance i'm goin on tour!!for the 1st time!!
this is so coolhappy
and we're playing the Star Wars Saga soundtrack too!eek! we just practised it for the 1st time yesterday!!and we're doin the lion king soundtrack too!!eek!
plus there are rumours flyin ard tt we're gonna try out the POTC soundtrack!!!eek!eek!

life rocksHappy DanceHappy Dance

Our band always goes, like every year big grin
This year New York, last year Montreal, and next year probably Italy big grin

i slayed buffy

this is my 1st year in this band seebig grin so it's my 1st yr on tour - the band itself has gone on like,hundreds of themroll eyes (sarcastic) rich people!!!laughing out loud

but i'm excited cuz we're playing all these fantastic soundtracks!!!!eek! LOTR,lion king, Star wars, POTC....Happy Danceeek!eek!

i'm gonna die of happinesshappy

the band I help plays all kinds of junk, like beauty and the beast and the little mermaid, also some LotR and some other movie soundtracks big grin
But I more assist them, and manage cool

eek! is that like,a full band??eek! coolness raver

plus did i mention i get to miss weeks from school?shiftyHappy Dance

me too stick out tongue
and it's full orchestra happy strings, winds, the whole deal big grin

eek! same here!!!
i didn't realise you hd the same interest in band as me!!

usually when i say 'band',people immediately think drums,guitars,keyboards,and vocalists roll eyes (sarcastic) they never realise that's not the only kind there isno

right on rock
although I do play, this trip I'm more of a manager cool

what do you play?
i'm in percussionhappy have been since i was 7happy

Me too yes
But also cello, violin, and very little keyboard big grin

Barf Heaven
eek! I PLAY THE CELLO!!!! Used to play piano too but then I quit... Cuz it sucked... sad

Jeez goin on tour eh? The farthest away my orchestra's ever played at is the NW orchestra festival two hours away... sad Prolly cos we're only a string orchestra not a symphonic orchestra...
I'm trying to figure out how to convince my teacher to let us play LOTR... Cos the band played POTC and it sounded really friggin good only we're like 10x better than the band so if we played LOTR we'd kick ass cool

laughinglaughing out loudHappy Dance woohoo!!!!fellow band members are popping up everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i can't WAIT!!! those 2 soundtracks are the BEST ive ever heard!!!!!!!!!
and POTC has such great percussion parts!!eek! so much drums!!!

Barf Heaven

we don't gots no percussion or winds they's gots a separate band dat's why we hardly ever win the orchestra comp cos lotsa schools's gots fancy-pantsy symphonic orchistras sad sad sad

For me my 2 favorites are LOTR and SW cool rock

your orchestra doesn't have a percussion section??how is that possible??how do you survive???
the percussion section is the HEARTBEAT of the whole band,no matter what type of band it is!!!

laughing out loud i love my sectionhappy

I thought with orchestral music the conductor was technically responsible for keeping the overall timing right.

Barf Heaven
Cuz we're a string orchestra... We have a good bass... He plugs into an amp and turns it all the way up.. Though sometimes we call him "bubble boy" cos our teacher'll say "Ok everybody start at measure 22" or something and he'll say "Where are we starting?"

Anyways... Like I said we're really f***in' good (not to brag or anything wink ) so if it was just string orchestras we had to compete against we'd win every time

Barf Heaven
Well yeah but you can't hear the conductor and you can't constantly be watching him so it's handy to have a percussion section cos you can always hear them and tell how fast to go

and with you in it,i bet it does rock...shifty

Barf Heaven
hell yes rock

Fair point.
But being a self taught git arist (a real musician) and playing everything from memory I dont have that problem! stick out tongue

Well what I really mean is I'm jealous because I cant sight read scores and I'm way too lazy to learn.... sad

but the percussion section (ESP if there's a persn on the drumset) is usually vey guilty of goin too fast - cuz we always wanna go fast for the adrenalinelaughing out loud

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