Slugfest Showdown Day 5: Nataku8188 vs The Ressurected Frothbyte (Vote Now!)

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Nataku will be facing the ressurected Frothbyte team in the Amazon Jungle.



Mr. Sinister









Iron Man

Cable with Techno Organic Virus



Lady Shiva

Captain America

Will The Frothbyte defeat Nataku and get vengeance after being defeated by Norrin Radd? You decide! Vote now!

Azrael will fight GR. He is immune to hellfire and 'the system' allows him to ignore the pennance stare.
Damage will engage morg, getting his ass kicked around for a while until he powers up enough to fight back.
TM will engage Ironman, and as before, he will barely keep from dieing as he hops around and uses his CA shield and absorbed Spider-man moves to stay alive.
DP will engage Nightcrawler
Domino will engage Shiva
Magneto will go straight for cable, his tp resistance allows him to resist this cable's TP and batter him to death with one of DP's Katanas.
Sinister will aid Magneto, then help out TM in defeating ironman.

Ability images will be posted in a few minutes, so keep your votes in hand folks!

resurrected frothbyte? sounds cool. smile anyway on to the match.

as far as i remeber, the fighting arena is a a bit wide with opponents starting off in opposite corners. this would mean that warriors walking on foot would take some time to reach each other. within that time, nightcrawler could teleport behind magneto and stab him in the back (same strategy as before). if that doesn't work, at least it'll serve to distract magneto long enuf for morg to get near (and that would only take milliseconds considering heralds travel at warp speed) then blast magneto with cosmic blasts. i know how powerful magneto is, but i don't think he would last against the powercosmic.

i believe ironman could take up damage and give a pretty good fight. ironman does have speed and flight as an advantage, and also has the strength to go toe to toe with hulk. damage can't go nuclear, coz if he does then everyone in the arena gets killed.... all except for morg, who would then massacre damage.

although cable is not as powerful a telepath as sinister, i do think he could keep him occupied long enuf for morg to finish magneto. nightcrawler will also be there teleporting again to piss off sinister. im not sure if sinister is immune to telepathic attacks, if he is then cable would just use telekinetic attacks and psionic bolts on him.

gr would fry deadpool with his penance stare, and i don't think any of deadpool's guns would work on gr. gr could further use his penance stare on sinister.

lady shiva would decimate domino, cap a would match up to azrael and keep the fight going for a while.

taskmaster would be taken on by a weak nightcrawler, but i do think by the time the ground fighters come together, morg would already be finished with mags and be there to help.

few comments:

gr is faster than azrael because of his bike. i wanted gr to engage deadpool and i do believe gr will reach dp before azrael reaches gr.

ironman can fly, and he will not engage tm if he doesn't wish to. he would go straight for damage.

as for damage engaging morg, as much as damage is powerful i don't think he would stand a chance against the power cosmic. but still, im making morg go after magneto, and he will be able to catch magneto because he does travel at warp speed.

nightcrawler can teleport, away from domino if he chooses.

Oh bother, I seem to be on the fence. I shall now deliberate with myself.

Be prepared for the swayingness of SCANS !!! I'm bringing them in now!

Ok folks, here we go; first up, Azrael:

Here Azrael shows that he can defeat his enemy without direct confrontation, exhibiting his tactical skill;

Here Azrael discusses the type of power 'the system' grants him;

Ras Al Ghul even finds Azrael amazing;

Our good friend taskmaster;

Showing just how fast he memorizes movements;

Showing up Iron Man's security system;

He teaches Iron Man why he is so goddamn totaly sweet-tastic;

Fighting off some guards with silver samurai skill;

After he's injured, he keeps on goin like the energizer bunny;

And even more;

Fighting a man that didn't even get scratched by gunfire;

Here he is doing one of his sweetest tricks;

Now, Sinister;

He has some powerful destructive capabilities;

Sinister uses his TK to move X-mansion rubble, as is shown here;

Psylocke attempts to use TP on sinister, and rogue grabs him;

Counteracting rogue's powers with his adaption abilities;

Havok tries his hand at damaging sinister;

Iceman surprises sinister...;

He returns the favor and then some (Grey hulk was frozen much in the same way and he took much much longer to escape, hell, cyclops even cut him an airhole to breath) ;

Damage! THE MAN!;

Here's Damage (Grant emerson) Meeting metallo for the first time...;

And the fight continues!



The windup...

The homerun!

I figured DP and Mags wouldn't need representation, but if they do I'll gladly post more. As for domino, I'm getting the comics together for her scans as we speak. If this is open for 24 hours i should have scans of her.

As for morg and damage... Damage throws down with Metallo, Metallo throws down with Superman, Superman owns hulk... my math puts damage somewhere around Hulk's starting powerlevel after getting whaled on for a while, and his level of damage resistance VERY high. His energy is extremely high as well, considering in Zero Hour they used him to channel enough power to create a new universe.

Sinister is probably the strongest, but GR and Iron Man would be able to take him down together, and then its over after that. Frothe all the way

Hahaha... no they wouldnt. Did you not see him defending against all of the X-men, combined? Plus they'd have to leave damage or magneto open to do so. Pfft. Bad call man, bad call. If you had better reasoning, I'd understand, but if you looked at all the scans you'd see my two enhanced metas are pretty much centimeters from herald level.

Current Vote 1 to 0 in favor of Frothbyte

Due to time constraints, this thread will end earlier then expected. Please vote asap.

What the hell is that? It's 12:40 AM here, what kind of time restraints could limit this to closing in the middle of the night?

Worst case of bad writing I have ever seen. If I had that comic, I would burn and throw it in the garbage.


When did I state that this thread would end in the middle of the night? Please don't make assumptions. I'm letting you guys now that this thread will end sooner than the normal matches do. That's why I encouraged voting as soon as possible.

Krissy Von Doom
It's the weekend here. I'm not sure how many people will be able to post or vote

well sinister would get fried by gr's penance stare. damage can be easily taken out by cable, and magneto doesn't stand much of a chance against morg.

norrin radd

to norrin and uQifg2WV:

thanks for voting me guys. smile

*sighs* Damage went toe to toe with Metallo people... Metallo slugs it out with SUPERMAN. SUPERMAN resist's hulk's attacks for THREE DAYS before he becomes angry enough to hurt him. In less then an hour Damage built up enough power to destroy him in one punch.

Damage = Herald level character

As far as GR's Pennance stare, Sinister is no human, he is barely considered a mutant, that is how butchered his DNA is. As far as I know the Pennance stare only works on people who have remorse and it amplifies it. None of that for Sinister.

As for Ironman, the fight would start and magneto would crush his suit on him before anyone know what happened. He's a normal human, Mags has no problem killing him.

This is in the jungle, GR will have a hard time using his bike here, and my guys are almost all assassins, they will make it hard on his team to even FIND them.

Also, if damage wasn't killed instantly by the sword wound, he'd heal it up within a matter of minutes. In issue 5 he heals a broken arm as he powers back up.

Krissy Von Doom
Morg will be a really tough customer, Magneto would have to contain him long enough to get some assistance from the others because I don't see him defeating Morg on his own. Cable and Sinister would deadlock each other in telepathy. Ironman vs Damage? This would swing in Damage's favour.

On the whole, Nataku has a pretty powerful team but Frothbyte has Morg to fall back on. It's like comparing the Infinity Watch against the JLA. Members of the Watch would fall quickly under the powerful superspeedsters of the JLA but because they have Thanos, it could really go either way.

norrin radd

norrin radd

Frothbyte wins in a 2 to 0 vote. He will advance to the next round.


I hate you and your early closing Evangel.

What part of no comments or votes please don't you understand? If you have a problem with me, send me a pm. Every other participant has been respectful and they listen to what I ask of them.

In regards to what you said:
I didn't close it early. I gave this thread 16 hours. All threads last about 12-18 hours. If people didn't vote for you, try harder next time.

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