Pirates Of The Caribbean: Ghosts Of The Night

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Prologue: Ghosts Of The Night

"Talk of strange folk has been making an uneasy atmosphere 'ere"

"Aye..I too have heard the talk, they say that the legend will be returning very soon" A bartender and his apprentice where having a friendly chat while drunken pirates were sitting down laughing and shooting wood.

"If he comes back, then all will be bad good sir, all will..be..bad! I think Governor Swann should curfew the port..so that we be safe" The bartender kept on cleaning the glass while his apprentice looked at his watch.

"Nowhere is safe if he returns. I best be off, good night to ya' sir" The apprentice put his hat on and he walked past the drunken pirates until one sharply grabbed him by the arm.

"Release me PIRATE!" The apprentice was afraid. The pirate lifted up the front of his hat. The pirate had a long white beard with a black goatee, he had an eye patch over his right eye and below his left eye there was a long scar which lined down to his cheek.

"Where be William Turner? Tell me boy or I shall cut ye' throat!"

"I..I..dont know where master Turner is" The boy trembled as the pirate looked at him very angrily

"Ahh..Master Turner is it? well the boy shan't be a master no more." The Pirate brung the boy closer and looked him straight in the eyes." Dont go near the sea boy, never travel by night, be at yer house by nightfall..'cause he, who walks the sands of the sea is returning" Those words echoed through the boys ear and his face had turned white.

Quickly the boy ran out the bar, sweating he leaned up against a wooden blank, too scared to move he stood there frozen, thinking of the words that had just made the hairs on his back stick up like a hedgehog. The boy slowly walked away from the bar but he stopped once again, he heard a screaming noise coming from the boats. He quickly ran down to the docks obviously not listening to the pirate. He reached the docks and saw nobody.

"Help me somebody, I'm drowning!!" A girlish voice cried out for help and the boy hurried over to the edge of the docks..but he saw nothing. The boy wondered where this scream was coming from, he turned around and his eyes lit up, his face went pale and his body froze. A figure was floating in the air, it had a black pirate hat on with gold chains around it, a large black jacket smothered it's body..if it had one. The figure maneuvered over to the boy and he opened his cloak and captured the boy in it. After a minute, the pirate opened his cloak slightly and the bones of the boy fell out clattering together, and his blood..was gone!

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Oooh , keep going!

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