What's your name and what does it mean?

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Frosty Beverage
Mynes Doug Franz

Doug means "flowing from the dark river" from Irleand, and
Franz means "free" from Germany.

Maureen means 'little bitter one'
furey means 'strong and hateful

Jackie Malfoy
Being that my guess is my real name here goes.I do not know what my name means but I do know that before me and my twin sister was born,
The doctor told my mom and dad that we were going to be boys.So the names Jack and Max were going to be our names.For reasons I am not sure of.
Then acouse we were born girls the doctor made a stupid mistake on that.They just changed Jack into Jackie and Max into Maxi!I get remained of this stupid story all the time by my stepfather and gets so annoyed with him sometimes.JM Happy Dance Happy Dance Happy Dance Happy Dance Happy Dance

My name's Trisha and it means "thirst for intelligence" - i think it's a very stupid name since i am the laziest person ever when it comes to academics

Austin means Royalty

Sadly, I have no clue.

Nisha- means 'night' or 'twilight'

I always thought "Nisha" meant "noodles", Nishy Noodles wink

Jeremy...a modern form of Jeremiah messed the religious guy

My name's Joe and it means the husband of Mary... and there's more, but I forget.

Frosty Beverage
thats an odd meaning for a name...

Well mines Dave and if i remember correctly it means something like beloved huh, oh and my second name is Mark what means Warlike gunsmilie

laughing out loud laughing

Kara means "beloved" in Italian.
Bernard is "derived from the Germanic element bern 'bear' combined with hard 'brave, hardy'."

I am a beloved, brave bear. blink Right...

Silver Stardust
My name is Alana, which is Celtic and means something like "beautiful maiden" if I remember correctly...

I have no idea of what my last name means...All I know... Is that my name means sorrow...And is...Deidre....My last is...Leach O.o;

Darth Revan187
Well you can all just slap my ass and call me Charlie

Felicity- happiness or Luck.. or something.

Cameron mean "BIg nose" in italian And I dont' know what whitley means, all I know is that it's english (from england not the language english)

sam and i heard that it means half wise
in that case what does half wise mean

not as wise as whole wise? shifty


I don't know what my first name (Saimi) means, but my second name (Kanerva) means heather

From the Latin 'Clara' meaning bright and clear
blessed with many feminine virtues
someone to treasure
she is a shining light

I know there are different meaning for my name, but I only remember one. My real name is Diana, which means goddess or the mood, and I have also heard protector of all animals.

Silver Tongue
I have no idea Ashlette,Ashley for short. If anyone knows what it means PLEASE tell me.

that's nice you're protector of all animals roll eyes (sarcastic)

Fabian means
Bean grower laughing out loud
btw my name is Fabian

Yeah, and the funny thing is I its kind of true. Reason being is because I love animals, probably more than people. Always doing something to help them.

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